5 Reason Why Bathroom Water Taste Different From Other Tap Water

5 Reason Why Bathroom Water Taste Different From Other Tap Water
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Have you ever asked yourself why do bathroom water taste different from other water in the building? Does it mean that water in the bathroom is different from other water in the compound? There are many reasons why it is so but in this post, I will be giving you 5 reasons why bathroom water taste different from other water in the building.

The reason why bathroom water taste different from other tap water is because of:

  • Different pipes
  • Lead or dirt inside pipes
  • Contaminated tap
  • Lack of residual chlorine or chlorine dioxide
  • Filtered water

Water as we already know is one of the basic amenities of life. It is one of those things human beings cannot do without. Every building has water on it. However, for some buildings where there is no tap water, the residents have somewhere close where they go to fetch water because the use of water in every household cannot be over compromised.

Definition of Water

However, water is a substance that is colorless, transparent, and odorless in nature. Some people consider water as food. While others consider it as what one takes when he or she is thirsty, or what you use when the need to use water arises. Of course, there are many things we do with water.

Some people and some countries take water to be food. Just like when you eat food, they drink water and it is food for them. Some of these people are those watching their weight. When you are watching your weight, you tend to drink water more than you eat food. In your mind, water is food and you may not die from drinking water.

Why Does Bathroom Water Taste Different?

Here are the reasons why bathroom tap water tastes different from other tap water in the house.

Different Pipes

The first reason why bathroom water taste different from other tap water in the building is that the pipe channeling water to your bathroom is different from the pipes channeling water to other taps in the building. In as much as the pipes get water from the same source, a pipe may cause a change of water taste especially bathroom pipes.

Lead Inside Pipes

The second reason why bathroom water taste different is because of lead. If the pipe that channeled water inside your bathroom is dirty, contaminated, or has lead inside, it will automatically change how the water taste. Research has shown that most times, bathroom pipes tend to get more lead than the other pipes in the house.

Contaminated Tap

If the tap inside your bathroom is contaminated, it will change the taste of the water from the bathroom, thereby making it to taste different. If there is something inside your bathroom tap nozzle; something like dirt, flakes of rust, and many more, you don’t expect the water to taste well. Sometimes, you may not be aware of these things are there. But the taste of the water is there to remind or alert you that actually something is inside your bathroom tap nozzle and has polluted the water.

However, in this case, what you have to do is to remove the tap nozzle and wash it. If you don’t know how to remove it, then call a plumber near you and ask for help.

Lack of Residual Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide

Some households stores water inside big tanks. However, the main water that is channeled to the kitchen or other taps in the building has residual chlorine or chlorine dioxide on it while the one channel to the bathroom did not. This residual chlorine or chlorine dioxide is added to the water to prevent microbial growth. The chemical helps to kill any bacteria in the water.

Meanwhile, if you are in a country where the government supplies clean water, then the source of the water in every tap in the apartment is from the same source, which means that the lack of residual chlorine or chlorine dioxide in the water is not the reason because all the water is coming from the same source.

However, if indeed you are using water that is stored in a tank, then the water can never taste the same. Trust me, I have seen so many dead things inside the tank. Also, the water stored may likely to have lost most of any free mains chlorine it has and therefore affects the organoleptic properties of water. This time, it may develop some microbial contamination which will definitely affect the taste of the water.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is another reason why bathroom water taste different from other tap water. Water that runs through the kitchen is filtered. This is because we use water to cook and wash edible kinds of stuff. So the water is filtered, unlike the bathroom water. The bathroom water may not have any filtration on it simply because we are expected not to drink from it. As long as there is no filter, the taste of the water is likely to change.

Can I Die from Drinking Water Without Food?

Can someone die from drinking water without food? The answer is no. You won’t die from drinking only water for some days without food. This is because water is food. However, there will side effects, in the sense that when you do not eat food for a long period of time, you may tend to lose a lot of weight. Just as water is important to the body, food is equally important.

Take some men of God for an example, those that fast a lot. There are many of them that sometimes do 40 days of dry fasting in which they only drink water and fruits. How many have you heard died? That is to say that you will not die from drinking water alone without food.

Nonetheless, no one is advising you to start taking water instead of food. While you drink water, eat food because the food itself is also very important to your body system. You can as well check out our post where we explained the difference between bathroom tap water and kitchen tap water.


You are advised never to drink water from your bathroom tap. If you want to drink tap water, do not drink from your bathroom, or better still get a clean bottle of drinking water and save yourself the risk of getting sick from drinking dirty water.