About Us

Bathroomable.com is a bathroom-based website launched to provide informative content about bathroom interiors, designs, vanities, renovations, and remodeling, including various other bathroom care tips.

Established in January 2021, bathroomable is owned and managed by Promise Onwuachu, an experienced tiler who learned work from his dad and a graduate with an upper-division.

Promise Onwuachu was a sales representative over a bathroom interior showroom own by his mother for more than five years. He has good knowledge of bathroom decorations and innovations and is pleased to share his knowledge with the world.

Here is my story.

I grew up in a family of contractors. My father and his brother were builders for more than 25 years, while my mom (to the blessed memory) had a showroom where she sells bathroom interiors.

Over the years, there were two things I always do; either I follow my dad to work, or I help my mum at the showroom. That was how I became her sales rep before furthering my education to a higher level.

I choose the bathroom as my focus because those days I do follow my dad to work; he made sure I worked with his guys at the bathroom. He believed that working inside the bathroom is better for me. He made sure I learned how most of the things sold at my mum’s showroom are used for work.

However, now that I’m done with my university and graduated with an upper-division in International Studies and Diplomacy, it’s time I put what I learnt from my dad over the years into practice.

Bathroomable.com is a platform where I advise people who want to do one or two things in their bathroom. Whether you are building a new bathroom or doing a renovation or remodeling, we have a place for you on our website. We promise to ensure that our bathroom care tips are explained extensively for a better understanding.

We also provide answers to questions people ask about bathrooms and toilets. These answers can be found in our bathroom and toilet category.

We work with various writers, and we make sure that an experienced worker scrutinizes an article before publishing it on our website. You can check our disclaimer page.

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If you wish to reach us, you can contact us through our contact us form or send us an email via bathroomable@gmail.com.