Are Batten Holders Allowed in the Bathroom?

Are Batten Holders Allowed in the Bathroom?
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Are batten holders allowed in the bathroom? Are you building a house or remodeling your home and wondering if batten holders are allowed in the bathroom. Well, this article is just for you. I will try my very best to explain everything for a better and clearer understanding.

A bathroom is a place where we bath, poop, wash, and do many other things. It is also a place where we visit anytime we want to urinate, meaning that it is an important place in any building. But the question is, are batten holders allowed in the bathroom?

Batten holders are allowed in a bathroom as long as it follows the bathroom zones and IP ratings set out by electrical safety regulations. If you must use a batten holder in your bathroom, you must make sure it is fitted outside zones (zone 3) where any form of moisture such as water, heat, etc., cannot reach.

Bathroom Zones

When we talk about bathroom zones, we mean those safety regulations provided by the electrical safety regulations to ensure that you are protected in your bathroom. As I said earlier, a bathroom is where we take our bath, urinate, poop, and even wash.

However, water is involved here. Aside from water, condensation is also involved. That is the reason why you should make use of appropriate bathroom light fittings for your bathroom. The question now is, what are the reasons for bathroom zones?

Reasons for Bathroom Zone

1. To ensure protection in the bathroom
2. To ensure that appropriate bathroom lightings are used for maximum protection
3. To avoid the risk of harm

Reason for IP Ratings

The IP regulations ensure you use the appropriate electrical lightings for your bathroom to provide maximum protection.

When using a batten holder, you should consider whether it fits into the bathroom zone. It would be best to remember that water is involved here and electricity does not go well with water. The whole idea is to avoid electrical shock or other health risks.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that bathroom zones should be followed strictly when installing batten holders. Bathroom zones go along with their IP ratings. Let me break it down to your very understanding.

In a bathroom, there are zone 0, zone 1, zone 2, and zone 3, which is also called the outside zone. This number of zones goes with an IP rated number to ensure maximum protection. What exactly is an IP rating.

An IP in this context means an Ingress Protection number. However, the first number of the IP ratings deals with dust and solid objects. The number indicates that these bathroom fittings should be protected against dust particles and solid objects. It starts from O to 6. While 0 is for no protection, 6 is for total protection.

The first IP ratings deal with more solid fittings on the bathroom floor, such as bathtubs, etc. They fall into these categories and have the ratings that guide them. You wouldn’t want to use a stone against your bathtub.

However, the one we are most interested in is the one that deals with bathroom lightens because that’s where the batten holder falls into. The IP here represents protection from moisture. The degree ranges from 0 for no protection to 8 for maximum protection for light inside water. Please note that degree 0 is always for no protection.

To understand bathroom zones, let’s look at the different zones and their places in the bathroom.

Zone 1 is the area above the bath shower tray. This zone usually has 2.25m height from the floor, meaning that any bathroom lighting fittings should be IPx4. IPx4 means that the fitting must be protected against water splash from any angle.

The question is, do you need to put a batten holder near your shower tray? The answer is no. A batten holder is supposed to be in zone 3 (outside zones), depending on the bathroom’s height.

Bathroom Zone 2 are those areas that are outside the bath and above bath showers. It has to stretch about 0.6cm outside the bath and 2.25m in height from the floor. This area is where you always see your washing basin or bathroom sink.

Do you remember that place you usually wash your hands after using the toilet? That place is called zone 2, and any fittings that should be there have to be IPx4 rated.

However, zone 3 or outside zone is where our concerns are. There is no way I will explain this topic without first letting you understand these zone and the IP ratings that go with.

Be that as it may, the outside zone used to be zone 3, but it’s no longer zone 3 anymore, meaning that there is no IP rating attached to this place. This place usually houses electrical fittings such as batten.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, you can use a batten holder in the bathroom as long as where you are putting it falls in zone 3 (outside zone). Meaning that you are putting it where any form of moisture, such as water, heat, etc., can not reach it.

I have a batten holder in my bathroom, and it’s very secured because my bathroom ceiling is very high. There is no way water or moisture will touch that place, even if when I shower.

First Digit: Solid particles and dust

  • 0 is Not protected
  • 1 is Protected from objects larger than 50mm
  • 2 is Objects larger than 12.5mm
  • 3 is Objects larger than 2.5mm
  • 4 is objects larger than 1mm
  • 4 is protected from dust
  • 6 is Dust-tight

Second Digit: Water and Steam

  • 0 is not protected
  • 1 is protected from vertical drips of water
  • 2 is protected from drops of water to 15 degrees from vertical
  • 3 is spraying water up to 60 degrees from vertical
  • 4 is protection from spraying water coming from any direction
  • 5 is water jets protection
  • 6 is power water jets protection
  • 7 is Good for immersion up to 1 meter
  • 8 is Good for permanent or continuous immersion beyond 1 meter

Can I Install Batten Holders in the Bathroom

Yes, you can install batten holders in your bathroom as long as you follow the rules explained in this article. You should consider bathroom zones and IP ratings before installing any batten holder in the bathroom.


It is always very important to follow bathroom code and regulations when remodeling or renovating your bathroom for safety purposes. Using a batten holder in the bathroom is not bad as long as it is fitted outside bathroom zones.