Bathroom Trends to Avoid in 2021

Bathroom Trends to Avoid in 2021: 12 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

The year 2021 is here, and we are excited about it. It’s time to discuss the bathroom trends to avoid in 2021 and the bathroom design mistakes to avoid as well.

2021 is a year whereby many of us will be building houses and doing renovations and remodeling. We hope that the year will bring more goodies, unlike 2020, filled with pandemic here and there. As far as history is concerned, the year 2020 will never be forgotten.

Coronavirus of 2020 started in China and circulated to other parts of the world, affecting and killing both the rich and the poor. The United States was hit hard by the pandemic, and the country is yet to recover from this deadly disease fully. The pandemic led to several other things that happened in the United, such as the toilet paper shortage experienced sometime this year. As we have entered into 2021, we hope and pray that this year will be better than last year, that many of us will recover from what we had lost in the previous year. 

However, for many of us who will be building new houses or renovating and remodeling, it is important to note these bathroom trends to avoid in 2021. These are the mistakes to avoid when building and designing your bathroom. You don’t want to come into 2021 and start repeating design mistakes many people made in 2020. Learn these trends now and avoid them this 2021. 

Bathroom Trends to Avoid in 2021

Here are the lists of bathroom trends and bathroom design mistakes to avoid in 2021.

  • Building Bathrooms With No Storage
  • Thinking Designing a Bathroom is not Expensive to Run
  • Failing to Take Note of the Size of your Bathroom
  • Bad Lighting
  • Not Committing to a Style
  • Having Bigger Room with a Tiny Bathroom
  • Decorating Without Water Conservation in Mind
  • Not Matching your Bathroom with the Rest of the House
  • Use Bathroom Modern Accessories
  • Not Having a Window, Ventilation, or Exhaust Fan in Your Bathroom
  • Decorating your Bathroom with the Wrong Materials
  • Decorating your Bathroom with the Jetted Bathtubs

Building Bathrooms With No Storage

The era of building bathrooms with no storage is gone. Never repeat such trends this year. I don’t have any storage in my bathroom, and I wish I had created a space for it in my bathroom every day. Trust me; you don’t want to make such a mistake because a day will come when you will look back and wished you had storage in your bathroom. This is a bathroom trend to avoid in 2021.

While planning for the new house, or the renovation, it is vital to include a bathroom cabinet. If you don’t like a cabinet in your bathroom or if the bathroom is small to fit in a cabinet, you can exhaust other available options to ensure you have storage in your bathroom. You can put shelve or make use of the bathroom wall by placing a towel rack. There should be hanging hooks, a place you can hang your clothes or your bathroom towel. Do this and save yourself from such bathroom mistakes in 2021.

Thinking Designing a Bathroom is not Expensive to Run

I have said this couple of times, and I’m repeating it, decorating a bathroom is not cheap to run, especially when you are decorating the master bathroom adjoined to your room. Just like you spend so much money arranging the parlor and bedroom with striking interiors, that is also how it will be for the bathroom.

As a matter of fact, there are many interiors to fix inside the bathroom, though depending on the funds you have, you can be able to decorate your bathroom to be the exact way you want it to be. That is why you have to stop thinking that the bathroom won’t cost you much. Except you don’t want to do much in your bathroom.

However, if your bathroom is large, it is an open invitation that you will be spending more money on decorations because you have to fill those spaces with bathroom interiors ranging from a bathtub to mirror, sconces, towels, rugs, cabinets, exhaust fan, floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling paint, toilet seat, sink, shower, and many more.

If you want to bring modern designs to your bathroom, there are many things to do that are expensive to buy and put. You are not just buying them alone; you will also pay those fixing them for you. So, the earlier you stop thinking you won’t spend much on your bathroom decoration, the better for you.

Failing to Take Note of the Size of your Bathroom

Why would you purchase any bathroom interior without first considering the size of your bathroom? This is one of the bathroom trends to avoid in 2021. First of all, get to know the size of your bathroom before purchasing interiors and while buying the interiors, make sure to verify where you wish to place them to be sure you are purchasing the right size.

For example, it will be very wrong to go to the market to buy a 27 x 47 inches or 31 x 59 inches rug size for a small bathroom. You need a 21 x 19 or 21 x 25 inches rug size for such a small bathroom.

Bad Lighting

While you use your bathroom every day, you need good lighting to give you the relaxation you desire. It would be best if you had enough lights to experience such. There are many things good lighting can do in your bathroom. When the lights are on, it will help complement and expose the beauty of tile color, paint color, and the color on your bathroom interiors.

If you are the type that likes shaving or applying makeup in the bathroom, you need a good amount of light to see yourself while doing that. In this case, you are advised to place sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror. This will give you the best lighting experience you need to see and shave or apply your makeup.

The most important factor to have in mind when fixing lights in the bathroom is to follow the rules. There are some rules guiding the types of light to place and the exact location to place them in your bathroom. Get the required bathroom IP rated lights and install them in your bathroom.

Not Committing to a Style

Don’t be the type that wants to have a bathroom without good interiors that will make the place so relaxing and accepting. The years of just having a bathroom where you poop and bath is over. These days, you should have a bathroom where you can feel relaxed after a busy day, and to achieve that, you seriously need to commit to a style.

Be creative with the colors you paint in your bathroom. Let there be a sense of cohesiveness among all the colors of your bathroom interiors. Use some designs that add character and interest to your bathroom.

Having Bigger Room with a Tiny Bathroom

Don’t make that mistake in 2021. How can your room be as wide as a hall, yet your bathroom is as tiny as a veranda? These are the bathroom trends you should avoid this 2021. The people that make this type of mistake most times are people that build a master bedroom. You will see a gigantic master bedroom, for you to enter the bathroom and realize that they had used up space for their bathroom for the gigantic bedroom.

It would be best if you made your bathroom big enough that you can relax in it. Your bathroom is not a place you should visit poop, bath, and urinate. It should be a place where you can relax when taking your bath.

The only time you are permitted to have a small bathroom is if run short of space for the room; else, please stay away from such trends and have a large bathroom. Trust me; you will be the one enjoying it later.

Decorating Without Water Conservation in Mind

If you are decorating your bathroom this 2021, you must have to do it with water conservation in mind, especially in the United States. Design a bathroom that is water conservation-friendly. Moreover, if you can use a low amount of water, it will save lots of money. So, try to have water conservation in mind when decorating your bathroom this 2021.

Not Matching your Bathroom with the Rest of the House

This trended sometime ago whereby people said that the bathroom does not need to match the rest of the house. Well, those days are over. This is 2021, and I’m telling you that your bathroom should match the rest of the house. At least, let your bathroom feel like it is not in another house.

It is important to note that the bathroom is not and will never be a separate entity. How can something that is adjoined to your room be a separate entity? Design it to look like it is in the same house and not in another home. There should be some level of cohesiveness in the paint. You don’t necessarily have to use the same tiles for the house and the bathroom. But at least let there be some combination.

For example, I have black tiles in my bedroom and parlor, while my kitchen and bathroom floor tiles have the same milk color but different design and texture. The bathroom and kitchen wall has different tiles but similar in color. By just seeing this, you don’t need a prophet to tell you the house’s level of cohesiveness. Please don’t treat your bathroom as if it doesn’t add. It’s part of the house and should look like the house.

Use Bathroom Modern Accessories

Stop living in the past. Get trendy with your bathroom accessories. Don’t be the type to be fixing old bathroom interiors. Accept the change. This is 2021 and update with modern accessories. Use trendy curtains, towels, rugs, etc.

Not Having a Window, Ventilation, or Exhaust Fan in Your Bathroom

Don’t ever make the mistake of not having a ventilation fan in your bathroom. It’s important as it helps to get rid of the humidity. If your bathroom does not have a window, ensure to fix a properly working ventilation fan. If it has a window that you hardly open to avoid outsiders seeing while you bath or poop. Go ahead and put an exhaust fan in the bathroom.

The exhaust fan will help prevent your bathroom from humidity and fog while you shower. Humidity, if not adequately taken care of, can lead to mold in the bathroom. You and I know how dangerous bathroom mold can be. Let’s do the needful and avoid had I know at last.

Decorating your Bathroom with the Wrong Materials

Sometimes, people make the mistake of decorating their bathroom with the wrong materials. These are the bathroom trends to avoid in 2021. Please don’t follow them to make such a mistake. Trust me; some materials aren’t suitable to be used in the bathroom.

For example, using wood for your bathroom floor is not advisable. Even if the wood is water-resistant, you are not advised to use it. What happens to the tiles? Even these days, people are even advised to use more tile skirting in their bathroom shower area than skirting board except areas far away from water splash.

Decorating your Bathroom With Jetted Bathtubs

You don’t have to use the oversized Jetted bathtubs in your bathroom this 2021. There are many modern bathtubs to use this 2021, such as the colored clawfoot tubs. The clawfoot tubs are suitable for a large bathroom. It’s better and more luxurious than the Jetted bathtubs.

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