9 Best Septic Safe Toilet Paper: All You Need To Know

We anticipate a large amount of toilet paper. When we use it, we need it to be robust, soft and comfy, but it also needs to break down rapidly after it’s flushed. Toilet paper that does not do each purpose effectively is undesirable; if it does not hold up properly while used, it is not performing its primary duty, but if it doesn’t decompose rapidly after flushing, it poses a clogging danger. So, you must buy the best Septic Safe Toilet Paper to use in the toilet that you can easily flush in the toilet.

A septic system uses microorganisms in a septic tank to organically digest the waste from your home. Septic systems that are well-designed and used can survive for many years. Choosing high-quality toilet paper for your septic system is one guaranteed method to keep it running smoothly.

The trash, water, and toilet tissue combination travel via the drainage pipe and through the septic tank when you flush the toilet. The anaerobic bacteria in the sewer pipe break down the organic waste.

The cleansed water (effluent) is discharged back into the earth via a network of pipelines from the septic tank. Sludge or solid waste, collects at the bottom of the container and is drawn out. The scum, which is essentially everything that shouldn’t be flushed including oils, grease, dental floss, wet wipes, and so on, accumulates at the top of the septic tank.

The finest toilet paper for a septic system is one that dissolves quickly and settles at the bottom of the container, eliminating blockages and dirtbags.

For septic tanks, wet wipes are not just a suitable choice. They wouldn’t dissolve, which contributes to scum and may easily block drain pipes.

In brief, toilet paper that is septic-safe must be biodegradable, recyclable or even both. All toilet paper ultimately degrades, but many do it more quickly and with much less liquid than others. Because they include fewer chemicals, reused toilet paper is kinder to septic tank microorganisms.

Septic-safe toilet paper must be powerful enough so that you don’t have to use a lot of it to get the job done. This minimizes sludge production while also preventing drain blockages. In addition to toilet paper, your drainage system will require the usage of septic-safe toilet cleaners.

How To Identify Best Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

You can identify the best toilet paper by doing an experiment on your own, you just have to get some basic things from the following pointers.

  • Find a transparent container, such as a glass jar.
  • Pour the jar with water to about 3/4 capacity.
  • Put 4 or 5 pieces of toilet paper in the bottle – you may repeat the experiment by using different types of toilet paper, such as flat, folded, or ‘wrapped’ toilet paper.
  • Shake the container firmly for 10-15 seconds with the cover on.
  • Now you will see how much the toilet paper has degraded.
  • If the toilet tissue is still in good condition, you might wish to try a new brand.
  • You’re using the perfect septic-safe toilet paper if the toilet paper is split up into extremely little bits.

Type Of Non-Biodegradable Toilet Paper

It’s just as essential to know which toilet paper is best for septic systems as it is to know which toilet paper is worse for septic systems so you can avoid it and maintain your septic system in the best shape possible. The worst toilet tissue will be the exact opposite of the best: it would be weak and slow to break down.

1: Triple or quadruple ply 

The more layers there are in the toilet paper, the longer it will take to dissolve.

2: Quilted 

If there is stickiness between the sheets of toilet paper, it will take much longer to disintegrate in your septic system.

3: Scented 

Adding aroma to toilet tissue introduces undesired chemicals into your septic system, which can disrupt the fine balance of bacteria in the system.

4: Colored 

Colored or printed toilet tissue should also be avoided, but this is not usual. Colored toilet paper contains dyes that might disrupt the microbial equilibrium in your drainage tank’s scum layer.

Features That you Have To Look into Best Toilet Paper

1: Biodegradable

 Biodegradable toilet paper is meant to decompose faster. The paper’s bindings are looser, and that there are no non-dissolvable fibers in the toilet paper to help it break down more slowly when exposed to water. Getting compostable toilet paper for septic systems is simple and will extend the life of your septic system.        

2: Recycled

Is it okay to use regenerated toilet paper in a septic system? Although recycled toilet tissue does not always dissolve down faster than non-recycled toilet tissue, it does not include chlorine or other nasty chemicals that could disrupt the sensitive septic system balance. 

More than just water is at work in your sewer tank; the bacteria in a septic system uses trash as energy intake and aids in the decomposition of both trash and toilet paper.

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Our Recommendation For Best Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Here we bring you some best toilet papers for your use in the toilet to complete your task. So, let’s check out all these selected toilet papers.

1: Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is a 2-ply toilet paper that is devoid of harsh chemicals. Because it’s 3 times greater and absorbent than other products, you’ll use less of it. The equal of 108 ordinary toilet paper rolls is 24 of their giant rolls.

UltraComfortcare by Cottonelle is clog-free, septic-safe and sewer-safe. Cottonelle toilet paper is made from renewable plant-based fibers, making it biodegradable and safe for your septic system.

They don’t include any strong chemicals or substances, so they shouldn’t upset your septic system’s delicate equilibrium. The Forest Stewardship Council has certified them.[/su_box]

2: Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet

If you see RV toilet paper on the market, it’s probably a good choice for your septic system. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper is a septic-friendly toilet paper that was intended for boats and RVs.

Because it is odorless and degrades quickly, this 1-ply RV toilet paper is friendly on septic systems. It is, nevertheless, soft and absorbent to ensure your comfort, making it one of the finest RV toilet tissues. Furthermore, Scott toilet paper is obtained from sustainably managed forests.

3: Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper 

Solimo is an Amazon brand. Amazon’s Solimo 2-ply toilet paper is made with pulp from ethically selected trees, so you can be sure it’s eco-friendly. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative has certified it (SFI).

It is not harmful to sewage or septic systems. If you’re in the market for new toilet paper and want to sample a few different brands, we suggest this one because of their return policy.

4: Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo’s wood and sugarcane toilet paper is a wonderfully eco-friendly alternative to regular toilet paper. Bamboo and sugarcane are plants, which means they disintegrate fast, making them perfect for RVs and septic systems. Don’t worry, they’re made of soft fibers, particularly sugarcane, so they should be comfy to use.

Caboo is BRC, FSC, FDA, and ISO certified. Caboo’s 2-ply toilet paper is not really environmentally friendly, but it really is fragrance-free and biodegradable! Toxic compounds, parabens and elemental chlorine are not present.

5: Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

With Charmin’s septic-safe rolls with a gentle touch, you can get more toilet paper for less money. The equivalent of 90 normal toilet paper rolls may be found in just 18 of their giant rolls. They’re four times stronger than top brands, and they’re guaranteed to be clog-free. Charmin is also Rainforest Alliance certified, indicating that it is sustainably sourced.

A roll fit guarantee is also offered by Charmin. If the roll does not really fit, you may get your cashback by filling out a form on Charmin’s website. This makes it an excellent choi3: Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper ce for those who want to try out different brands.

6: Pacific Blue Embossed Toilet Paper

Pacific Blue’s 2-ply toilet paper, formerly known as the Preferred brand, is EPA certified for recycled fiber content, including at least 20% post-consumer recycled fiber.

This means it should disintegrate fast and is safe to use in septic tanks and sewage systems. Say goodbye to your clogged toilet problems!

This brand has received two eco-friendly certifications. They’re ECOLOGO certified and Amazon’s Compact By Design certified.

7: Presto! Ultra Soft Tissue Paper

Presto! is an Amazon brand. Another wonderful series of septic-safe toilet papers is tissue paper. They are manufactured from sustainably managed forest pulp and produce less lint. This RV-friendly wash tissue is also septic-safe.

If you aren’t totally happy with this toilet paper, Amazon, like Solimo, will give you a refund. There are no returns required. If you’re searching for the finest bath tissue for your septic system, this is a fantastic one to try. They have 24 mega rolls that are equal to 96 ordinary rolls (based on a roll with 77 sheets).

8: Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Scent toilet paper isn’t always the most septic-friendly solution. Angel Soft, on the other hand, does not smell the toilet paper. The roll’s container, on the other hand, is perfumed! This maintains your washroom smell fresh without causing skin irritation or introducing chemicals to your septic tank.

Angel Soft tissue paper is SFI-certified, making it an environmentally responsible option. It is created with your ultimate comfort and dissolves easily for septic systems.

Angel Soft toilet paper also gives you more than that for your money. The ratio of 96 ordinary toilet paper rolls is 48 of their double rolls. A roll has 200+ 2-ply sheets.

9: Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper is an ideal toilet paper for septic systems. 7th Generation Toilet Paper is made from recycled materials with no additional colors or perfumes. It is a septic-safe toilet paper since it is whitened without chlorine bleach.

The Seventh Generation is also a fantastic option for those who are concerned about the environment. The Rainforest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council have both approved the 2-ply paper. RVs will appreciate Seventh Generation.

So here it is! All of these toilet papers are septic safe and safe for use as well. Choose wisely according to your need and perspective. But before choosing any of them, if you have any doubts about why you should choose a best septic safe toilet paper. Then you have to read the further paragraphs on the importance of using Septic safe toilet paper.

Best toilet paper for septic tank list

  1. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper
  2. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet
  3.  Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper 
  4. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper
  5.  Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
  6. Pacific Blue Embossed Toilet Paper
  7. Presto! Ultra Soft Tissue Paper
  8. Angel Soft Toilet Paper
  9. Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

Why Biodegradable Toilet Paper is Important?

A few things must happen for a septic tank to work correctly. The material in your sewer pipe settles and decomposes into three sections: sludge wastewater, scum and an upper surface of scum. The germs must decompose the waste in order for the wastewater to move out towards the drain field in order for this process to take place.

Chemicals included in toilet paper, such as chlorine and other colors, can damage microorganisms and delay the decomposition of waste in the septic tank. When wastewater does not decompose sufficiently, it is more difficult to push out and can cause toilet blockages (if you really need one, here are the best toilet plungers) which can lead to septic tank issues such as septic tank odors in the house and other unpleasant issues.

That is why it is critical to use septic-safe toilet paper, as it will dissolve down quicker and avoid blockage in your drainage pipes. The purpose seems to be that strong chemicals should not be used to unblock a bathtub drain, toilet or sink because they might harm the microorganisms in your septic tank. 

This is less of a concern with holding tanks since nothing breaks down. A good biodegradable toilet paper is also a plus for preventing cesspool issues. Cesspools, on the other hand, are a unique arrangement. Which is slightly different from the septic tank but works more likely. 

Last Words!

Hopefully, you liked the article. This article is all about the septic safe toilet paper that has to be used in toilets because of its several benefits. These kinds of toilet paper are hygienic, soft on the skin as well as biodegradable that always dissolve in the flush easily. This article gives you a brief detail about almost 9 toilet papers that counts as the the best septic safe toilet paper (best biodegradable toilet papers). You can choose the best suitable for you from the list.

If you liked our article, you let us know in the comment section below and help us to know your interest as well.