5 Best Ways to Train and Stop Your Dog From Drinking Toilet Water

Best Ways to Train and Stop Your Dog From Drinking Toilet Water
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There are several best ways to train and stop your dog from drinking toilet water. Someone said that since I’ve written several articles regarding toilet paper and how to take care of the bathroom and toilet, how do we prevent our dogs from drinking our toilet water? Is toilet water safe for dogs?

Like I always say, water is one of the basic amenities of life. It is something we use every day of our lives. It is equally something that, if we don’t have, will affect several human activities.

Just like humans need and use water daily, so are animals. whether dog, goat, cat or fish? All of these animals need water. While some animals drink water, others need water to survive, proving the immense importance of water to humans and animals.

However, is there water some animals like dogs shouldn’t drink? Just as humans need clean water for everyday activities, dogs also need such clean water? However, it is important to learn the best ways to train and stop your dog from drinking toilet water.

Is Toilet Water Good for Dog?

This question has raised mixed feelings among people. While some said toilet water is not suitable for dogs, others said it might not affect dogs because some dogs eat human poops. However, which one are you going to believe?

Toilet water to human beings is contaminated. In fact, as a human being, you are not supposed to allow toilet water to splash on you while removing those waste products from the body; else, it might result in getting severe infections. The question is, will dogs get sick when they drink out of the toilet?

Is toilet water safe for dogs? The answer is no. However, the answer can also be yes. I will tell you the reason why I answered both yes and no.

However,  I said yes because toilet water is safe for dogs as long as the toilet water is clean. You may ask; what is cleanliness inside toilet water? Toilet water can be clean. In fact, for dogs, toilet water is fresh and clean. Dog’s digestive system is much better than ours at fighting off harmful bacteria; that is why dogs eat human poops and don’t get sick. It’s true that your dog does not eat poop. But if a dog can eat poop and don’t get sick from it, then toilet water is harmless.

However, you’re always mandated to make sure the water inside your toilet is clean. After pooping, ensure you flush very well. You must do this if your dog has never eaten poop before. Ensure you always flush well, so peradventure your dog comes to drink out of the toilet; he will see fresh, clean water to drink.

Nevertheless, I said no that toilet water is not safe for your dogs because if the toilet water is not properly flushed, it can cause a great health risk for your dog especially letting your dog drink out of your toilet immediately after you wash the toilet with some cleaning products. Therefore, you should learn the best ways to train and stop your dog from drinking toilet water.

These cleaning products, especially bleach, are very toxic to dogs. If your dog drinks immediately after you just finished using them without several flushing, there is a probability that it might affect them. Bleach is not only toxic to dogs; it is equally harmful to humans. If the smell alone can make you uncomfortable, imagine when a dog drinks water with such a chemical. We are talking about a very deadly chemical here.

So how do you prevent your dog from getting affected by this? It’s straightforward. Just make sure to always flush several times after washing your toilet with these toilet cleaners. The flushing will help reduce or eliminate any chemicals in the water.

However, another thing you need to do is to close your toilet or bathroom door immediately after you finish cleaning. Leave the door closed for some hours. If the door is shut, your dog will not be able to enter inside your toilet to drink your toilet water.

The third option you have here is either you always cover your toilet or always close your bathroom door. Meanwhile, you can discipline your dog by punishing him anytime he drinks out of your toilet. By doing so, he will know that what he did isn’t right. There is a high chance that he may stop such an attitude.

How to Stop Dogs from Drinking Toilet Water

Below are the top 5 best ways to train and stop your dog from drinking toilet water.

1. Always change their water

One of the reasons why dogs drink toilet water, as explained above, is because it’s cold and fresh. However, if you can always change the water you keep for your dog, he will not develop the habit of frequenting your toilet to drink from there.

2. Trying Different Water Bowels

Try using different water bowels to know the one your dog prefers. There is a probability that your dog drinks from your toilet because he doesn’t like his water bowl. A water bowl that is plastic may taste plastic to the dog when the water stays too long.

Therefore, get a plastic or metal bowel and test them. Your dog may prefer metal over plastic or plastic over metal. You need to experiment with this to find out the one he feels comfortable drinking from.

This type of dog water bowl is good for dogs. It will attract your dog and make him have less mind of drinking from the toilet. You don’t have to worry too much about cleaning the bowl as it is easy to clean. The bowl will ensure that your dog gets accustomed to drinking water from there rather than the toilet.

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This dog water bowl will not only attract your dog(s) and help make him stay away from toilet water, it will also ensure that your dog(s) drinks filtered water. Another interesting advantage of this type of dog water bowl is that you can even use it to give food to the dog(s) coupled with the fact that it is easy to clean.

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3. Giving your Dog Fresh Cold Water

Dogs love fresh cold water; therefore, giving them cold freshwater will always make them happy. By doing that, you are indirectly telling the dog that he doesn’t need to drink out of your toilet again, that you got him covered. Coldwater here is not water from the fridge. Rather a water that is not too hot as a result of room temperature.

4. Always close your bathroom door

This is the fastest way of stoping your dog from drinking toilet water. Always close your toilet or bathroom door. When the dog comes and notices that the door is locked, he will walk away.

If your dog is so big that it can open your house door, then always lock the toilet and leave the key on the door mouth so that another person in the family will have access to the toilet without having to always come to ask key from you. 

5. Get a Dog Water Fountain

Getting a dog water fountain and always fill it with fresh water will definitely stop your dog from drinking toilet water with urine, poop, and toilet cleaner inside. In case you don’t know what a water fountain is, you can check the picture below. Meanwhile, you can get a good water fountain for your dog.

This is a good water fountain for dogs. It is big enough to allow your dogs to drink from it. Even if you have two dogs, this water fountain is large enough for the dogs to drink from altogether. It is true that the color is white, but it is easy to clean.



In as much as toilet water may or may not be harmful to dogs, you should learn the best ways to train and stop your dog from drinking toilet water. You should not allow them to drink from the toilet. You can always prevent them from doing such by either getting them a water fountain or following other preventive measures explained in this article.