6 True Cause of Toilet Paper Shortage

6 True Cause of Toilet Paper Shortage
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What is the true cause of toilet paper shortage? The United States and some other parts of the world are experiencing toilet paper shortages and the reason is not far-fetched. What is going on in the world right now is enough to affect many things.

The year 2020 is a year will never forget as long as history is concerned. Just as we study and remember the great depression of 1929 to 1939, we shall also remember and study the current pandemic affecting the whole world right now.

However, the question is, is Coronavirus the cause of toilet paper shortage? In our previous article, we gave an extensive explanation of the meaning and of toilet paper shortageWe said that it is a point in time when the demand for toilet paper is higher than the supply.

We also explained the various important primary use of toilet papers which ranges from wiping to cleaning after visiting the toilet and after urination. Toilet paper is something every household should not run short of. The question is, are we ever going to experience the shortage of toilet paper again?

Cause of Toilet Paper Shortage

Cause of Toilet Paper Shortage

  • Coronavirus pandemic
  • Lockdown and sit at home
  • Demand for toilet paper or Supply chain
  • Fear of the resurgence of the pandemic
  • People stockpiling or hoarding toilet paper
  • Fear of potential violence following the election results

1. Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is the true cause of toilet paper shortage in some parts of the world. Since the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world is suffering. Coronavirus is everywhere causing sickness and death. The rate at which the virus spreads from one person to the other is very high. Because of that, many countries imposed lockdown or sit at home.

Nevertheless, the lockdown affected many things as many people could not go to work. Some were working from home. Production, movement, and delivery of goods and services became slower. Leading to a shortage in the production of certain goods and services.

In the US, many people died from coronavirus. Thousands of people for that matter. Most of these people that died are workers. Imagine some of them working in a toilet paper factory? Though research showed that many toilet paper factories are located in remote areas of the state where the spread of coronavirus is very low compared to the city. This assertion, therefore, is not disputing the fact that coronavirus is the main reason why there is a shortage of toilet paper in some parts of the world.

2. Lockdown or sit at home

As reiterated earlier, Because of the rate at which coronavirus transmit from one to another, many nations of the world decided to impose a lockdown, sit at home, or curfew with the hope of reducing the risk of transmitting the disease.

However, because of the lockdown, many people are at home. These people make use of toilet paper at every interval. Meanwhile, before the lockdown started, many people were encouraged to buy a very large amount of household goods and store them at home should incase the lockdown stayed for a very long period of time. This however marked the beginning of toilet paper shortage in some parts of the world. In a bid to buy so many household goods, toilet papers in stores were completely sold out. People bought more than they should.

3. Demand for Toilet Paper and Supply Chain

This is another cause of toilet paper shortage. During the coronavirus pandemic, after the States imposed a lockdown, the demand for toilet paper increased. If one is to stay at home, he or she needs toilet paper. Imagine a house with lots of kids without toilet paper, how will they cope?

Nonetheless, we can as well say that the supply of toilet paper may have reduced during this pandemic. Because if its supply is higher than its demand, we won’t be experiencing toilet paper shortage.

4. Fear of the Resurgence of the Pandemic

This is one of the major causes of toilet paper shortage we have today in the United States. As I’ve always said, coronavirus has not been completely getting rid of. As a matter of fact, as of the date this article was originally published, coronavirus is still rising in some parts of the US. This, however, prompted people to stockpile their homes with toilet paper.

If you check the news very well, you will notice that most of the place where there is a shortage of toilet paper is mostly in those areas where coronavirus is rising again. New York and New Jersey, and other parts of the US still observe a curfew, meaning that the city is yet to be free from coronavirus.

Fearing the pandemic’s resurgence doesn’t mean that people don’t have confidence that it will get better? But what do you expect? There is clear evidence that the virus is still spreading. Some Cities are even observing a curfew, and there is no vaccine yet for the virus. So, it’s normal if anyone should think that the virus may resurface again.

The question we need to ask ourselves right now is, why is the virus still spreading and affecting people in the US? Even China is free from this virus and has completely gone back to its normal activities. Some other countries of the world are also coronavirus free except the US. Why?

5. People Stockpiling or Hoarding Toilet Paper

Because of the pandemic and the fear of many things, people began to buy more goods than they are supposed to. Many people bought so much toilet paper which they shouldn’t have and stocked it at home. Some selling toilet paper hoarded theirs, waiting for the demand to increase so they can add money and make more profits. Of a truth, people bought a large quantity of toilet paper with the fear of not knowing when to come outside again. This led to a shortage of toilet paper in the country.

Be that as it may, there is a probability that the demand for toilet paper may likely lead to a surplus for many toilet paper manufacturers at the end of the shortage. This is because many people will have so much toilet paper to use for at least two or three months after the pandemic is finally over. If this happens, toilet paper producers will have to curtail production.

6. Fear of Potential Violence Following the Election Results

The United States just concluded its Presidential election with Joe Biden, the winner of the election. During and shortly after the election, even before the results were made public. People were already showing signs of a riot in case the person they voted for did not win. Thanks to the Police for always restoring normalcy in the State.

However, the United States 2020 Presidential election had two strong personalities. The sitting president, Donald Trump, and another powerful contender, Joe Biden. While some whites support Trump, blacks, the LGBTQ, and some other minorities supported Joe Biden, believing that his winning will bring some balance to the country.

Meanwhile, some believe that Donal Trump is a racist; others argue that Joe Biden is not a racist. He has always run his political race with a black person. It was during the regime of Donald Trump that the ‘black lives matter’ occurred. There were lots of recorded police brutality against blacks in the State during his tenure as the president.

The election was intense, and people feared that there might be violence after the result is made public; therefore, they started buying toilet papers that will be enough for them to stay at home. You know what comes with riots and violence. Stores will be looted; things will be destroyed. To some, it’s better to buy the toilet paper before it becomes too late.

Is Toilet Paper Shortage Temporary?

Yes, toilet paper shortage is a temporary situation. Some people are asking, when will the toilet paper shortage end? The shortage of toilet paper is something that is not expected to last for a very long time. Once the country is fully back to its normal activities, you will never experience any form of toilet paper shortage as producers will likely make more toilet paper for their consumers all over the country.

Cause of Global Toilet Paper Shortage

If there is a global toilet paper shortage, the cause of it will definitely be either a heavy pandemic, economic problem, or war. The cause will have to do with something that will delay or reduce the rate at which toilet paper is being produced in the whole world.

Another true cause of global toilet paper shortage is the lack of production materials. However, will there ever be a time when companies will run out of materials to produce toilet paper? Except during war or something that affect the normal activities of human beings as corona did.


In conclusion, coronavirus is the true cause of toilet paper shortage in the US and other parts of the world. Coronavirus gave birth to other causes such as stockpiling toilet papers. It made the demand for toilet tissue to be higher than the supply.