Compact Space Saving Toilet Dimension that Fits in Your Little Bathroom

While designing your bathroom, one of the main challenges that you might have to face is the space. Putting the right thing in the right space is very important. The task gets bigger for the ones who have smaller bathroom areas and want a small toilets to save some area.
If you are thinking of designing or redesigning your bathroom, but are stuck between which product to install then this blog will guide you through.
First thing first, you must have a rough idea before moving forward, else this designing process may get very frustrating.
So, have a clear picture of how you want to transform your bathroom. The color, the curtains, the towels, the basin, and most importantly the toilet seat. Also, keep in mind that there is a limit to a toilet seat can get. Therefore, if you have already reached the limited size of the toilet seat then, you might need to reconsider the space of your bathroom.

Tell Me the Configuration of the Small Toilets

small toilet dimension

Are you looking for small toilets in the markets for your tiny bathroom? But confused about how to prepare a perfect layout with all the specifications of the products?
In this blog, we will thoroughly go through all kinds of toilet seats with different specifications and layouts. We won’t be discussing the designs and layouts in detail, but the proper specification of the toilets will definitely provide you with an idea about the shape and size of the toilets.
We will be exploring various smallest gravity flush toilets in the market. We will also discuss different alternatives that will save some space in your bathroom area.
But before jumping into the products, it is important to first know your bathroom space better. The space you need to assign for different things.
Below is a list of common dimensions and specifications that you should consider before designing your toilet area.

Find Out These Details to Install Small Toilets:

  • Determine the space you need to place a toilet.
  • Check the most critical dimension of the toilet, height, width, and length.
  • Do proper research of the toilets from different manufacturers.
  • Read all new inventions about the smallest toilet with gravity flush.
  • Check out the 6-floor mount gravity flush. Also, go through the specification of the 23-½ inch short Galba model toilet.
  • If none of the specifications meet your needs for the toilet then do not lose hope, there are other products too, that would help you to install one in your small bathroom.

So are you ready to explore the toilets?
Let’s start the hunt!

How to Install Small Toilets Wisely to Utilise Minimum Space

small toilet dimension

Whether you have a big or small bathroom area, you must know where to place the toilets and how much space it needs.
Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to select the place dedicated to the toilet space. It can be anywhere, it can be any dedicated bathroom area or any small space that you want to change into a restroom.
To begin with, you need to find out the least space you need to turn that area into a bathroom. While appointing a plumber you should also communicate with him and advise him to apply the minimum space rule.
The minimum space rule is an important factor if you are already dealing with a small space. This rule allows you to efficiently use the area and make your bathroom comfortable to use.

A Quick Guide to Measure the Dimension:

  • The Distance between left to right= minimum of 30 inches
  • The Distance between front to back= length of the whole toilet + minimum of 21 inches

small toilet dimension
The above specifications will help you to achieve the minimum space rule. However, it is recommended to check the local building code, since every local code is different from the other.

Dimensions of Small Toilets That You Should Consider While Buying

The height of the toilets is never an issue for small bathrooms. However, the width of the toilets should be minimum to fit in the small bathroom areas. The width should be at least 30 inches. If you have space less than that, then you must leave the idea of creating a bathroom space. Because any toilet less than that would not be comfortable to do the business.
So while buying a comfortable toilet seat for your toilet, you now know what width size is best for your usage.
size of the small toilet
After discussing the width size of the toilet, let’s now move towards the specification of the length.
If the length of your toilet is short that means if the front to back distance of the bathroom is not much and you can not leave a clearance of 21 inches. Then you need to shift the toilet seat more towards the wall. Other than that, you can also minimize the length of the toilet to stick to the minimum rule. So before designing or restoring the toilet it is best to resort to the whole toilet design.
However, you should know that if the length of the toilet seats gets shorter then the cost of the product also gets higher. The cost depends on the inches you need to save from your bathroom. You do not need to worry, the prices are expensive but affordable.
Good news, if you just want to save a few inches, about 2 to 3 inches, then a round-shaped toilet will work for you. But if you need to save more than that then get ready to empty your wallet.
If spending is the only option you are left with then, we have prepared the following listicles of the best compact toilets in the market.

Top Small Toilets for Your Tiny Bathroom

size of the small toilet
All those who have decided to spend a little more to give your bathroom a good look may get some amazing products in this section.
Before starting your hunt for that perfect toilet for your bathroom. Here are some points you should keep in your mind.

  • All the toilets we will be discussing below are two-piece toilets with a round bowl with them. The round bowl toilets are shorter in size than the ones with elongated seats. If you are getting an elongated and two-piece toilet you can not have it less than the length of 27 inches.
  • In the elongated toilet, the size of the bowl is between 3 to 4 inches. Therefore, the round bowl increases a certain length of your toilet.

So if you are up for the above specification, then the next section has some great deal of treasure for you.
You need to measure the whole length from the tip of the bowl of the toilet and the wall. However, according to the American Standard, the overall length is measured between the tank of the toilet and the wall including a clearance gap.
Now, let’s jump to the table, that will provide you with a better idea about the different space-saving toilets.

Models of Toilet Seats Length (in inches) Bowl Shape

American Standard:

Model: 221DB.104.020 (Standard Bowl Height)
Colony Round Front 10 Inch Rough- In 1.28 gpf Toilet
25-5/16″ Round
Model: 221DB.004.020 (Standard Bowl Height)
Colony Round Front 10 Inch Rough- In 1.6 gpf Toilet
25-5/16 Round
Model: 215DB.104.020 (Standard Bowl Height)
Reliant 10 Inch Rough-in Round Front 1.28 GPF Toilet
25-7/16″ Round
Model: 215DB.104.020 (Standard Bowl Height)
Cadet PRO Round Front 10 Inch Rough-In 1.28 gpf Toilet
25-5/8″ Round
Model: 270DB.001.020 (Standard Bowl Height)
Cadet 3 Round Front 10″ Rough-In 1.6 gpf Toilet
25-1/2″ Round
Model: 270BB.001.020 (Comfort Height)
Cadet 3 Round Front 10 Inch Rough-In 1.6 gpf Toilet
25-1/16″ Round
Model: 3380BA.216ST.020 (Comfort Height)
Cadet 3 2-Piece 1.0/1.6 GPF Dual Flush Round Toilet
26-1/2″ Round
Model: 204BB104.020 (Comfort Height)
Edgemere Round Front 10-inch Rough-in Toilet 1.28 gpf
25-9/16″ Round
Model: K-4007-0 (Standard Bowl Height)
San Souci One-Piece Round-Front 1.28 gpf Toilet
25-5/8″ Round


Model: CST743S#01 (Standard Bowl Height)
Drake Two-Piece 1.6 GPF, Round Bowl Toilet
26-3/8″ Round
Model: CST453CEFG#01 (Comfort Height)
Drake II Two-Piece Toilet, Round Bowl, 1.28 GPF
26-1/2″ Round
Model: CST453CUFG#01 (Comfort Height)
Drake II Two-Piece Toilet, Round Bowl, 1.0 GPF – CeFiontect
26-1/2″ Round
Model: CST743E#01 (Standard Bowl Height)
Eco Drake Two-Piece Toilet, 1.28 GPF, Round Bowl
26-3/8″ Round
Model: CST743EN#01 (Standard Bowl Height)
Eco Drake Transitional Two-Piece Toilet, 1.28 GPF, Round Bowl
26-5/8″ Round
Model: MS853113#01 (Standard Bowl Height)
Ultimate One-Piece, 1.6 GPF, Round Bowl Toilets
26-5/8″ Round
Model: MS853113E#01 (Standard Bowl Height)
ECO UltraMax One-Piece Toilet, 1.28 gpf, Round Bowl
26-5/8″ Round
Model: CST423EFG#01 (Comfort Height)
ECO Promenade Two-Piece Toilets, 1.28 gpf, Round Bowl – CeFiontect
26-3/8″ Round
Model: CST423EF#01 (Comfort Height)
Eco Promenade Two-Piece Toilets, 1.28 GPF, Round Bowl
26-3/8″ Round
Model: CST423EF#01 (Comfort Height)
Promenade Two-Piece Toilets, 1.6 GPF, Round Bowl
26-3/8″ Round
Model: CST423SF#01 (Comfort Height)
Promenade Two-Piece Toilet, 1.6 GPF, Round Bowl
26-3/8″ Round
Model: CST405MF#01 (Comfort Height)
Rowan Two-Piece Toilet, 1.6 GPF & 1.0 GPF, Round Bowl
26-1/4″ Round
Model: CST243EF#01 (Comfort Height)
Entrada™ Close Coupled Round Bowl Toilet 1.28GPF
26-5/8″ Round


Model: MU113 (Standard Bowl Height)
GALBA 24.5″ Inch One-Piece Elongated  Toilets
24-1/2″ Elongated

The last product on the list is the darkhorse Galba. It is one of the most popular toilets among sellers and buyers. This model is a compact toilets that is shorter than the 24-inch length. If your bathroom is literally very small that you can not install a 24-inch toilets seat either, then you are left with this Galba product. So, grab it as soon as possible.
 In the next section, we have reviewed the little compact space-saving small toilets.

Review of GALBA  Toilet for Compact Bathroom

The Galba small toilets generally come in white in color. The size of the item is 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches. The whole product is made up of plastic.
GALBA  Toilet for Compact Bathroom

Since it is a one-piece toilet, it is very easy to clean. Due to the plastic material, it would not get any scratches or rust. There is also less chance of fading and discolouring.
With a comfortable height of 16.5” and a dual Siphonic flush, the whole product weighs 90 pounds. The toilet seat is in an elongated shape.

Galba Features & Specifications Overview:


G-Max flushing system
Dual Flush 1.6 gpf (6 lpf) & 0.8 gpf (3 lpf)
One-piece design
Self-cleaning glazed surface
Fully glazed trapway
Skirted design for easy cleaning
Shortest length (24.5″)
ELONGATED bowl (sort of) and seat
Slow closing designer seat included
MaP rating: >=300
cUPC approved
Surpasses National GB standard cleaning water test
One year manufacturer parts warranty


Water consumption: 1.6 gpf (6 lpf) & 0.8 gpf (3 lpf)
Trapway type: S-trap
Water Surface 6″ x 4″ (and 5.5″ high)
Trap Diameter: 2″
Seat height: Top of seat is 16.5″ from the floor
12″ rough-in
Material: Vitreous china
Weight: 90lbs
Dimensions: 24.5″ L x 14″ W x 27″ H

Winding Up!

Hopefully, the above guide helped you to decrease your confusion and find out the best product for your use. Before getting any product make sure you have read all the specifications very carefully.

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