Best Portable Composting Toilet: All The New Guide For 2022

When going hunting or picnicking with friends and family you must not forget the upkeep of the environment. Thinking about the environment is the key to balancing the atmosphere we are surrounded by. And Portable Composting Toilet is the one that can help us with it. This is the only thing that makes you maintain hygiene when you are out and keep the surroundings clean too.

You can’t locate a spot to take care of things whether you’re in the forests, hills, or at the seaside? And the closest toilet is 20 kilometers distant from your campsite. Or when a searing ache rushes through your belly while you’re snuggled up in your sleeping bag.

I understand how you feel because this is something that is sure to happen in any circumstance when you do not have access to a bathroom.

So I went shopping to locate the greatest portable composting toilet on the market. I tried a lot of them, and although some were enjoyable, the most were dismal. 

The Portable Composting toilet is just the same as other toilets but the only difference is that the composting toilet has two separate sections for urine and solid waste. But the regular toilet does not have this utility. This article is all about the portable composting toilet. This article tells you the whole straight information about composting toilets. So without any further delay, let’s get to the topic right away.  


Compost Toilet With Spider Handle
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Sun-Mar Excel Self Contained Compost Toilet
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Sun-Mar Excel Self Contained Compost Toilet
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Camco Portable Toilet
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Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve
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Reliance Luggable Loo Portable – 5 Gallon
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What is a Composting Toilet?

Composting toilets recycle toxic excrement through natural breakdown and evaporation mechanisms. Over 90% of the waste entering the toilets is water, which evaporates and is transported back to the atmosphere via the vent system. Natural decomposition converts the tiny quantity of solid material that remains into fertilizing soil.

By controlling the atmosphere in the composting chamber, this natural process, which is virtually the same as in your backyard composter, is increased in commercial composting toilets.

To guarantee a rich habitat for the aerobic bacteria that turn waste into fertile soil, the right combination of oxygen, moisture, heat, and organic material is required. This assures odor-free operation as well as thorough waste breakdown.

How Does A Composting Toilet Work?

When human waste is composted properly, the finished result is free of germs and viruses (these are destroyed by bacterial breakdown). As part of the natural cycle of nutrients, this nutrient-rich fertilizer may be applied to plants or at the base of trees, minimizing your need for commercial fertilizers.

Three distinct procedures must be carried out by a composting toilet:

  1. Composting garbage and toilet paper is a fast and odorless process.
  2. Ascertain that the finished compost is both safe and simple to work with.
  3. Allow the liquid to evaporate.

Different manufacturers have tried various techniques to attain these aims, but none has proven to be as effective as the Bio-Drum designed by engineers of the composting toilet industries.

An engineer discovered many years ago that these three activities required distinct chambers, each with its own atmosphere, in order to function correctly. This groundbreaking new three-chamber technique, initially developed in 1979, has proven to be so effective that it is now included in all other units.

1: The Composting Chamber (The First Chamber)

The ideal composting system would be simple to operate and provide a warm, wet, organic-rich atmosphere with plenty of oxygen. The innovative Bio-drum generates this perfect atmosphere.

The Bio-unique drum’s design guarantees that aerobic microorganisms thrive and operate considerably more swiftly to break down the trash and return it to the ground.

a: Supplying Oxygen

Sun-Bio-Drum Mar’s design is the simplest and most effective technique to properly mix and oxygenate the entire compost.

When you rotate the drum, the entire compost pile gets tumbling and oxygenated. One important element that permits aerobic bacteria to break down waste rapidly and is odorless is oxygen.

b: Controlling Moisture

One of the major features given exclusively by Sun-Bio-drum Mar’s is moisture management, which is another essential necessity for successful composting.

Composting slows and finally ceases when the moisture level falls below 40%. Some Composting Toilet prevents the compost from drying out by not putting direct heat on them. Furthermore, the tumbling motion of frequent mixing uniformly distributes moisture throughout the compost.

When the moisture content in the compost exceeds 60%, the liquid begins to push out the oxygen, and the compost becomes progressively anaerobic – similar to a septic system. Sun-Bio-drum Mar’s enhances composting by automatically emptying any surplus liquid into the evaporation compartment via a filter at the base of the barrel.

c: Maintain Warmth

As they operate, the microorganisms create their own heat. The quantity of a substance within the drum traps the heat, which is supplemented by indirect heat from the bottom radiator (in electric units). The industries of Composting toilets guarantee that composting does not decelerate when the material dries up by deliberately avoiding sunlight.

d: Aerobic bacteria keep the system odor-free.

Anaerobic bacteria might gain overdue to an unequal distribution of oxygen and moisture. These bacteria generate foul smells and prevent the trash from decomposing fast. The Bio-improved drum’s oxygenation and moisture control offer the appropriate atmosphere for aerobic bacteria to disintegrate organic waste in an odorless manner. They transform organic matter into water and carbon dioxide rapidly.

2: The Evaporating Chamber (The Second Chamber)

Moisture must be maintained in the compost, but not to the point of saturation. Excess liquid from the drum filters into the evaporation compartment via a stainless metal plate. A high density mixed with warmth and flowing air creates the optimum atmosphere for evaporating any surplus liquid. In the evaporation chamber, the decomposing toilet satisfies these requirements.

Any moisture that does not soak through into decomposition in the drum flows straight into the evaporation compartment via the screen.

The fluid descends primarily onto a drying tray and subsequently to the main evaporating surface on call center units. The tray not only aids in the oxygenation of the liquid but also catches any peat mix particles and nearly doubles the evaporation surface area. Through the entrance door on Centrex 1000 and 2000 units, and the cabinet accessible hole on Centrex 3000 units, evaporation trays may be cleaned properly if necessary.

3: The Finishing Drawer (The Third chamber)

The Benefits of Having a Separate Composting Final Cabinet

  • Fresh garbage will not contaminate the composting process if it is finished in the drawer.
  • The waste in the cabinet dries out progressively until it is prepared to be removed.
  • Compost that has been finished may be easily and securely removed.
  • The compost and hygiene procedures are completed in the finishing drawer, which serves two purposes: receiving the compost in a readily available separated vessel and completing the decomposition and cleanliness procedures.

Different Portable Compost Toilet: Our Recommendation

There are numerous composting toilets that are explained in the below section. You need to read about all these topics to choose a perfect one for yourself.

1: Nature’s Head Compost Toilet With Spider Handle

Although it was designed for maritime use, this composting toilet from Nature’s Head is commonly seen in RVs, campers, outhouses, tiny houses, and other places. Although a more traditional crank handle type is also available, this version with a spider handle is usually preferred for its space-saving design. It has a high capacity for solids—60 to 80 uses—as well as the ability to handle toilet paper. As per users, the fluid tank will have to be cleaned every day and almost every other day.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is some people’s first exposure to biodegradable waste management, and virtually everybody is blown away by how simple it is to use. Several customers stated they were hesitant at first, but that they’re being happy with every element of this composting toilet, especially how efficient it is at odor control. To maintain the exhaust fan running, It’s connected to 12V electricity.


  • Comfortable
  • Exhaust Fan venting 
  • High Capacity for 60-80 use


  • Need to clean Every other day

Additional Features

Some customers had minor problems with the air vent or found that they needed to replace it with a much more robust one. The only other common change is to attach a higher mesh screen to the outside exhaust to prevent small insects like no-see-ums.

2: Sun-Mar Excel Self Contained Compost Toilet

When searching for a composting toilet, odor control is a key priority, and the Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet tackles this issue with special features designed to eliminate odors.

Sun-Excel Mar’s model is distinguished from other composting toilets by a thermostatically controlled heater that seeks to fast evaporate liquids and therefore reduce smells. By directing a flow of air over the drying chamber prior to releasing it through a vent stack, a back fan aids in evaporation and odor management. It’s also worth noting that the composting capabilities of this composting toilet have been certified by NSF Standard 41.


  • Odor Control
  • Self-Contained Composting
  • Standard Capacity


  • Costly

Additional Features

Users report that the composting toilet performs as expected, with many praising the absence of smells while using this type. A few people, however, felt the step to be dangerous and suggested that it be replaced with a broader, more sturdy choice.

3: Sun-Mar Centrex 3000 NE (Non-Electric, High-Capacity)

If you require a high-volume decomposing toilet, a centralized decomposition service is the biggest option because it has a much bigger decomposition system. The Centrex 3000 is a non-electric alternative that may be used in off-grid settings without access to electricity.

The item comes completely built, and all you need to do is attach it to a gravity flush toilet that consumes one pint (or less) of water every flush. The Centrex 3000, unlike other composting toilets with self-contained composters, can accommodate up to 8 persons for temporary usage or 5 adults for home use. The frequency with which you must remove the unit depends on how it is used, but according to the manufacturers, centralized recycling devices only have to be emptied every several months for full-time usage but once or twice a year for temporary use.


  • Gravity Flush Toilet
  • Less Water Consumption
  • Self-Contained Composter


  • Hard to Maintain
  • Costly

Additional Features

A centralized recirculating pump system is a good investment for people who don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of regularly emptying a self-contained composting toilet.

4: Camco Portable Toilet 41541- 5.3 Gallon

Camco 41541 is the next item on the list. This model includes all of the features you’d expect from a portable toilet. When the model is empty, it weighs 11 pounds; nevertheless, it can hold up to 330 pounds. The lightweight material makes it easy to port from one place to another. It can be ideal for your holiday if you are planning to camp in the woods or any mountain area. 

The flush mechanism is the finest feature of this item. It is powered by a hand pump, so you never have to worry about running out of juice when you’re out in the woods. It has fully worked on self compost system that made it slightly different from others.  


  • Lightweight
  • Less Water Consumption
  • Connected to hand Pump


  • Costly

Additional Features

Camco is a powerful portable composting toilet that performs admirably. It isn’t as showy as some other toilets, but it gets the job done. This Camco model is one that I would suggest to anyone looking for a functioning toilet.

5: Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve

The Thetford Porta Potti is a mobile decomposition toilet that appears like you’ve downsized your regular toilet and can take it with you wherever you go. The fresh and stylish style appeals to me. This is a wonderful option if you’d like a retro-looking bathroom when camping in the forest or in the winter. The trash volume is 5.5 gallons, with 4 ounces of clean flood control.


  • Good Trash Volume 
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Comfortable Height


  • High- Water Consumption
  • hard to Maintain

Additional Features

Porta Possi appeals to me because of its design and modern appearance. It also helps that it is an environmentally friendly model.

  • At the touch of a button, the Porta Potti may flush up to 55 times with it Battery-powered design.
  • I can’t emphasize how important it is to have a toilet that is at a comfortable height for your legs and knees. 

6: Reliance Luggable Loo Portable – 5 Gallon

Then it’s only natural that we begin our evaluations with a bucket! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. In a pinch, you either locate a secluded place to perform your filthy act or, if you’re lucky, a good ol’ bucket to make you feel somewhat civilized, considering the circumstances!


  • Comfortable Seat 
  • Easy To Made DIY
  • Less Storage


  • Need to Clean After every use
  • Tough to Maintain Odor

Additional Features

However, not all buckets are created equal, and this one sticks out. But what distinguishes this bucket from the rest?

  • Have you ever seen a container that also serves as a seat? That’s it! Of course, for the sake of your comfort in your seat.
  • There’s no danger of sliding on a wet leaf and making a mess!
  • You can eliminate any odors with the appropriate usage of this bucket. Garbage bags that absorb odors and kitty litter can help disguise the stink.

All these 6 Composting Toilets are the best Portable Composting Toilets recommended by us to you for a better, hygienic, and safe toilet when you are out of your house. If you are looking for some ideas to pick an ideal composting toilet then check out the description below. 

Best composting toilet

  1. Nature’s Head Compost Toilet With Spider Handle
  2. Sun Mar Composting Toilet Excel Self Contained
  3. Sun Mar Composting Toilet Centrex 3000 NE (Non-Electric, High-Capacity)
  4. Camco Portable Toilet 41541- 5.3 Gallon
  5. Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve
  6. Reliance Luggable Loo Portable – 5 Gallon
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Features That You Look for in an Ideal Portable Composting Toilet   

1: Waste Disposable 

You’ll need to raise the composting toilet and discharge the garbage at some time. Fortunately, most portable composting toilets include a chemical powder that solidifies urine. It will be much easier to dispose of the garbage this way. Despite the fact that this makes cleaning simpler, it does not give you the right to put trash everywhere. RV dump sites and approved vaults, for example, are both designated areas to give away your “natural talent” if you’re out in the wild.

2: Volume

Size does, of course, matter, but it all depends on how long you’ll be gone. A week-long excursion into the deep mountains is not the same as a day trip to a neighboring forest. Not to mention the fact that your entire family will be accompanying you on your journey. Choose a portable composting toilet that is the right size for you, or buy multiples if necessary.

3: Ease Of Use

Nobody really desires a filtration system that they can’t utilize, or, to be more specific, one that makes their legs wobbly or allows waste to stream easily onto the ground.

4: Dimensions 

Composting toilets for discharge are available in a multitude of sizes. On a boat or an RV, I’m quite certain you would not like to put in a tiny toilet. Should not only the trash bottle’s capacity be considered, but also its proportions, since they must fit into the available space. When dumping the trash, don’t forget to leave a little extra space!

Hiking and camping are two additional frequent hobbies that benefit from the use of a composting toilet. You wouldn’t want to lug a huge ass toilet around like you would on a yacht or RV. But on the other hand, you must be informed of the maximum weight capacity of each toilet.

5: Privacy

Most individuals value their privacy. I’m guessing you don’t want to show off your bare flesh to the great outdoors. Some portable composting toilets have a private shelter, however, private shelters may usually be purchased separately.

Final Note!

It is far too common to find oneself alone in the wilderness. Why didn’t you bring a touch of civilization here, Jean pondered as you sat down. And here the portable Composting toilet came in handy. 

Hopefully, the above article is useful for you to pick a perfect composting toilet to make your camping or trekking trip more advanced and enjoyable. The finest composting portable toilets aren’t inexpensive. However, we believe they are well worth it, given the environmental benefits and how much more pleasant and convenient the entire emptying procedure is. However, this is only our viewpoint. If you don’t have the funds, you might have to settle with a DIY composting toilet or another option.