How Does a Composting Toilet Work With No Flush

Composting toilets are widely famous for their natural way of evaporation and decomposition. Through this process, they help in recycling human excreted material. Since the human body is made up of 60% of water so the waste has almost 90% of water presence. This water by using the vent method gets evaporated into the atmosphere. Now, the only material that is left behind becomes transformed into fertilizing soil. You may hear of this procedure called natural decomposition. 

Composting Toilets: What are They?

composting toilet

Composting toilets are dry flush toilets that support environmental behaviors by naturally decomposing the waste. As per the research, there require 1.6 gallons of water per flush (GPF). Every one of us has flushed around 5 times a day that means it uses 2,336 gallons of water per year. The compost toilet helps to mix the waste with other environmental-friendly items like peat moss, sawdust. With the venting procedure, the air moves upward that works for eliminating this odor.    

There is no fear of any kind of viruses and illness developed from these composting toilets because the bacterias properly compost the human excreted material. The product you will receive by this process is free from any viruses. That means they are properly natural and you can use them on your plants and trees to provide them the best nutrients. They work wonderfully as natural fertilizers and maintains the proper health of our environment. The benefits of using these natural fertilizers do not end here as they preserve the water quality too. 

If you are in search of a composting toilet then make sure to check out these three essential functions. First, it helps in composting the toilet paper as well as the wastes in the quickest time without arising any foul smell. Secondly, it evaporates 90% liquid contained in the waste, and lastly, it makes sure that the last product is purely easy and safe. 

Well, you may hear of many stories of different people who want to get success in building these kinds of toilets but none of them get the desired result as Sun-Mar. This group is properly-known for its elegant manner of building bio-drums. You can consider them as the forerunners of this kind of toilet. 

How Does Composting Toilets Really Function?

how does a composting toilet work

Well, in the introductory part, we have provided you a brief about composting toilets and their working procedure. But, there are some consideration points that you need to know in this section. With this, you would better get to know about its working capability. So, let’s get into this section and learn how this composting toilet functions. 

You should place the composting toilet in the right environment. That means you need to search for a place where the aerobic bacterias dwell. Well, these bacterias live in a place that maintains a proper balance between carbon and nitrogen or the temperature is moisture. 

If the environment has too much moisture then it can bring obligate aerobic bacteria. Make sure that you never leave your toilet wet. It should be moist to carry out the further procedure. To avoid oxygen-breathing bacteria, composting toilets come with a split container that is used for urine waste. It needs to be emptied properly whenever it is filled. 

There are other models also that come with a drain-pit or different things for evaporating the liquid of the waste material. Well, the procedure does not end here, when the urine gets disposed of, it helps in removing the extra buildup of nitrogen. Also, coconut fiber and peat maintain the correct balance between nitrogen and carbon. Just after this process, aerobic bacterias grow at 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and thus proceed with the further task.

Where You can use the Composting Toilets

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You are provided two designs for composting toilets like self-contained design and remote toilet. You can find the first one on boats, tiny houses, cabins, or RVs. They help in housing the full composting system beneath the bowl. The installer needs to remove them with their own hands after getting the temporary use. 

A remote or central toilet provides two specific ways for solid and liquid waste. Well, the larger system you have the more it will help in connecting several toilets used in your large compounds or homes. 

The Reason why Composting Toilet is better than a Septic Tank? 

Septic tanks arrive as the savior for different communities but there are certain issues with them. For instance, you will find them more expensive that proves to be hard. It would fetch you problems and issues due to their maintenance cost. Not only they can clog at any time but also produce an undesirable odor in your surrounding. 

On the other hand, a composting toilet is quite a better option for its capability to work as an environment-friendly tool. That not only saves water from being consumed during flush but also maintains the decorum of nature by providing plans and trees the natural fertilizers. 

What is the Cost of Composting Toilets

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The starting price of a composting toilet goes around $600. BoonJon is the basic model of this kind of toilet. If you want to get more advanced features within your toilet then you must spend some more thousands of dollars. 

Despite being a natural friendly toilet, many people avoid installing it on their homes and compound areas because of the dedication it demands from the consumer. There has to be the right temperature that fits best for aerobic bacterias. It also proves to be a little expensive than an ordinary toilet because of its maintenance cost. 

Well, here is a pricing list of different models of this kind of toilet. You can learn about each of them in the list provided below. 

  • The self-contained compost toilet is estimated at $1,400
  • If you want to purchase a septic toilet then you have to spend 75% more from your pocket.
  • “Build it Yourself” is the last model. It costs around $50 because of the involvement of human efforts in the installation procedure.

Advantages of a Composting Toilet

composting toilets : advantages

  • The water usage becomes reduced.
  • Decrease the possibility of marine pollution. 
  • You can compose not just the human waste but the bathroom and kitchen waste as well. 
  • The land becomes developed and fertilized by using this toilet. 
  • Helps in detecting water pollution. 
  • The maintenance cost required in your household becomes cut down. 
  • Support you to defeat the conventional mode of sewage and plumbing system.
  • Negative environmental impact becomes reduced to some extent. 

Disadvantages of a Composting Toilet

  • The person needs to remove the waste manually. 
  • At times, it requires an electric source. 
  • It is not that pleasing like you thought. 
  • Odors become produced when you do not correctly install them. 
  • Smaller units generally do not accept the huge amount of waste


Composting toilets is a new way of settling the hurdles going on in the environment. Yet, it requires some of your hardships but the result it brings is just commendable. It adds more beauty to nature by providing natural fertilizers. In the post above, we have included almost every tiny detail so take your decision wisely by looking into these points. It is a good win for all the people who want to safeguard nature. 

Well, this entire process is not that different and unique. You can find the same in your garden area. It is just developed and emerged in front of us through these dry flush toilets. Bacterias that work together to decompose the material and find a proper combination of moisture, organic material, oxygen, and heat. Thus, it provides success in the procedure of getting a healthy environment.

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