How to Prevent Another Toilet Paper Shortage

How to Prevent Another Toilet Paper Shortage
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The outbreak of coronavirus in the whole world still amazes people. The rate at which the virus came, the rate at which it spread to other parts of the world, and the rate at which it killed many people is still a wonder. However, we should know how to prevent another toilet paper shortage before it rises again.

How to Avoid Another Toilet Paper Shortage

As of November 23, 2020, people are still buying up all the toilet paper in stores. Some measures can be followed to avoid the shortage of toilet paper. The measures include:

  • Toile paper manufacturers should produce and supply enough toilet paper to stores in these areas where people are buying up toilet paper. 
  • Stores should put a limit to the quantity of toilet paper an individual should buy. When I suggested this to my friend, he said that if stores impose restrictions on the number of toilet paper per person, that means the whole family will be coming one after another to buy toilet paper. However, this measure may help reduce the quantity of toilet an individual should get. 

Just take a very close look at the picture below and see how this person bought so much toilet paper he may not even finish this year. If stores should place restrictions, it will help reduce the shortage of toilet paper we face right now. Just take a look at the picture below.

Toilet paper shortage

We earnestly hope the owner of these toilet papers donates them to people because there is no way he’s finishing these toilet papers this year. While others could not see any toilet paper to buy, someone bought more than he can finish in six months.

Coronavirus in the United States

The statistics of coronavirus in the United States is nothing to write home about. The pandemic got to the US and spread with speed. The speed at which the virus spread all over the cities and states in the US got us thinking. As of the time this article was initially published, the United States is still battling with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, as of the time this article was published, the United States had 12,748,499 coronavirus cases. Out of 12.7 million cases, 263,540 people died while 7,525,263 recovers from the disease.

Coronavirus did not start in the US. The deadly disease started in China, where it killed way lesser than the number of people killed in the United States.

Twelve million seven hundred forty-eight thousand four hundred ninety-nine out of the US population were affected; this includes people of other nationalities living in the United States and those on vacation to the US. About 7,525,263 recovers, while a massive 263,540 died.

These are the actual numbers of human beings. Animals such as dogs, cats, etc., were not affected; therefore, they were omitted. As of the time we published this post, about 263,540 had already died.

The worst part of the whole situation is that the virus is rising again in the US. As of the date this article was published, some cities and states in the US, such as New York, New Jersey, etc., still observe a curfew, starting from 10 pm.

The question now is, when is it going to be over? Will there be another toilet paper shortage again in the US? How to prevent another toilet paper shortage in the United States? The more the virus is rising, the more people are affected, the more things are slowing down. Business and other human activities.

Coronavirus and the Shortage of Toilet Paper

The shortage of toilet paper in the US surprised me as much as it surprised every member of my family. Indeed, a lot of things happened this year that will not be forgotten so easily. Who would believe a time will come when the demand for toilet paper will be as high as it right now?

Toilet paper is an essential commodity in every household. It is something every home should not run short of. In as much as it is vital, there are other alternatives and replacements if there is a toilet paper shortage. You can always make use of those alternatives.

When the coronavirus started, as the country was about to observe a total lockdown, people were urged to buy enough commodity that will be enough for them throughout the time they will be at home. People began to buy things. Toilet paper was among the thing people bought.

However, as people bought all the toilet paper in their area, news of toilet paper shortage in that location made its way to the public. When people heard it, they feared that it might also happen in their area and went and bought as much toilet paper they can buy.

Many people bought so much toilet paper that may never finish until the first quarter of the next year, 2021. The hoarding of toilet paper led to a toilet paper shortage in the US.

It is important to note that the toilet paper shortage started in March 2020 and resurfaced again in November 2020 when the US began to see the rise of coronavirus in some parts of the country.


Indeed, coronavirus is the leading cause of toilet paper shortage in the United States. As coronavirus is rising again in the US, we will continue to hope and pray that the vaccine which can cure the sickness is out very soon. However, let us also heed the measures on how to prevent another toilet paper shortage explained in this article.