How to Replace a Toilet When You Don’t Want to Hire a Plumber

Replacing a toilet makes sense when your toilet is constantly clogging, demanding plentiful repairs, and causing surface damages. Many of you might go through any of these problems. If we are predicting it right then what you are waiting for. You are required to replace your toilet with the new one. Well, you might think that it is a waste of money but can prove to be a huge investment when you witness no such problem further. You don’t need to get any help from a plumber or any person because you can do it entirely on your own. Just make sure to read this entire post and get here the answer of how to replace a toilet.

The existence of these irritable toilets does not only bring problems to your face but also diminishes your respect in front of your relatives. You will be instantly judged by anyone who witnesses the harsh condition of your toilet. So, it is better to replace it with a new one and fix all of these issues. Well, here are some of the steps that you have to consider for toilet replacement. Now, let’s get into the guide and learn how to replace a toilet on your own. For your assistance, we have provided a step-by-step guide that will help you with the installation procedure. Now, just proceed ahead and learn these steps.

How to Replace a Toilet: A Step-by-Step Process

You need to know some of the steps that will help you in replacing your toilet with the new one. Below are listed some of the major steps that you need to consider. But, before that, make sure that you have taken a proper measurement of your toilet. Start from the back wall to the closet bolts. You should not measure from the baseboard. Always do it from the wall side to the water supply which is placed at the nearest distance. If you find problems while measuring the supply line then make sure to take measurements from the bowl to a sidewall. From this method, you will surely get the measurement. 

Once done with the measuring part, decide the shape of the bowl. Elongated-shaped toilet bowls are quite comfortable for you but if your toilet has a narrow space then make sure to go with the round-shaped toilet. You should also keep checking the best comfort height toilets so that you can do your regular business with ease and comfort. Now, let’s move ahead and learn the steps of how to replace a toilet with the new one.

Remove the Previous Toilet as It’s of no Use

Now that you have decided to buy a new toilet, make sure to remove the old one. If you don’t know how to do it then these steps will guide you. So, don’t panic and get back to the post. Since the toilet weighs a lot, we try to remove the tank and then the bowl. 

Step 1: Eliminate Water

 eliminate water

As the toilet bowl is heavy so we don’t just go directly with its removal. Make sure to turn off the connection line before proceeding with removing the toilet. Once you have turned it off, try to use a sponge and remove the little amount of water left in the tank. 

Step 2: Disconnect the Water Lines

replace toilet : disconnect the water lines

You need to then disconnect the lines that carry water. Then, make sure to place a bucket that will catch the remaining water in the bowl. Start the process of unscrewing nuts to slowly dismantle the bowl. You need to put on rubber gloves to rescue yourself from any kind of physical hurt. Rubber gloves will also help in keeping your hygiene in the upper place. 

Step 3:  Uninstallation of Bowl

how to install a toilet : uninstallation of bowl

If there remains any water on the bowl then make sure to bring in a water solidifier. If you don’t have it right in place then use a sponge. Once you are done with this activity, move towards the end part of the toilet bowl and lose the nuts that bind the toilet bowl to the floor. Now, just lift it properly and put it into the dustbin. Before making your way towards the dustbin, just cover the toilet with a proper garbage bag. 

 Step 4: Take Out the Old Wax Ring

 remove the old wax ring

Now, we are going to witness the toughest task of the procedure that is removing the old wax ring. Well, you may not like this task but it can be gently removed by using a putty knife. Just use this little tool and remove the old wax ring. You also need to put a rag so that it blocks the path that brings odor and sewer gases. This rag will also prevent any kind of fall into the drain. If there is still any wax left then make sure to remove it too. 

Step 5: Improve the Flange

toilet installation : improve the flange

You could use the repairing kit to repair the flange. You can find the replacement flanges too. It will easily get fit inside the pipe and thus produce a tight seal. Make sure to use a flange that is a little higher than the floor. The flange could be somewhat low if you are planning to bring in new flooring. If you want to get some products that make a proper seal then prefer to use flange spacers and taller wax rings. You can use a taller wax ring like any other wax ring available in the market. Just make sure that some of these tools are wax-free which means they seal the pipe with rubber and foam. 

Now that you have done all the tasks and removed the toilet from your bathroom, it’s time to move ahead and learn some more steps of installing a new toilet. Move below towards the post to learn how you can easily install your new toilet. Make sure to learn these steps just like you did earlier in the removing procedure. 

Install the New Toilet with these Steps

Get into this procedure only when you have properly installed the flange. It should be in good condition. If it is broken then don’t try to make your way ahead unless it is properly installed and started working. Now, let’s understand how to replace a toilet through the installation procedure.

Step 1: Place the New Bolts

how to install a toilet : place new bolts

We have advised you to not move ahead unless the flange is properly installed because you have to find some slots on the flange to install the closet bolts. Some flanges have come up with nuts or washers for better security. You need to tighten these washers so you can place your toilet easily. It is a very crucial step because your toilet is placed on top of it. So, make sure to install new bolts properly. 

Step 2: Wax Ring Installation

 put a wax ring

Now, you need to install the wax ring on the outer part of the toilet. For that, you need to first buy a suitable toilet that will suit your requirement. Now, place the toilet upside down to see its outer part then insert the wax ring there. You need to first place it into the warm water so that it becomes soft and you can install it without any physical pressure. 

Well, the toilet generally comes with a wax ring. But, it would be good if you purchase a new one as a backup option. There is an alternative option like a wax-free ring which will be fixed on the flange. You don’t have to use the toilet outlet to get the work done. A wax-free ring can be easily installed with less human effort and physical damage. You can use the one according to your requirement and needs. Once you are done with this activity, just move ahead and learn how you can install the toilet bowl.

Step 3: Locate the Toilet Bowl

install a toilet bowl

Now, move on to this part when the wax ring becomes set completely. You first require to remove that rag which is placed by you for preventing any future consequences. Now, just lower the toilet bowl. You need to carefully do this process of lowering the toilet bowl over the new closed bolts. Try to lower it straight down over the flange. With these key essentials, you will prevent threats to the wax ring. 

Step 4: Fix Your Toilet

fix your toilet

Now, if you have done the installation of the toilet bowl, jump to this step and learn how you can secure your toilet. To prevent any damages within the toilet, you need to use nuts, cap bases, and washers to add in the closed bolts. Before adding cup bases, ensure that their faces have been up. Thereafter, just start the procedure of tightening your nuts. The nuts need to be firm if you tight it harder then it can bring cracks to your bowl. Thereafter, remove the unnecessary bolt by using a hacksaw. 

Step 5: Prep the Tank

how to install a toilet : prep a toilet

The tank usually comes with the valve assembly. So, you don’t have to install it separately. You can use the bolts by flipping over the tank. It then helps in holding the bowl. Once done with this entire task, just go towards the base and install a rubber gasket there. 

Step 6: Secure the Tank

toilet installation

You need to place the tank over the bowl. Use your hands to tighten the nuts that will hold the entire thing. Make sure to take some help from the wrench for making them a little tighter. Don’t ever try to bring in extra pressure while tightening these nuts because it would leave a crack and thereafter bring problems in the future.  

Step 7: Leak Testing

leak testing

Now, you need to check if your toilet is working properly or not. For that, conduct some procedures that will be guided in this post. First of all, you need to enable the water supply. Make sure that the water comes out slowly because you have to check leaks so try to avoid any chance which will waste the water. You need to check for leaks in the areas of the gasket base and the supply line. If the water comes out then just tighten them more. 

Now, if the leaks continue after tightening the bolts, then try to place the tank and gasket again in a proper alignment. You need to constantly flush your toilet and examine the base area. If you find some leaks in the base area then it indicates that nuts placed there are tight and the wax ring is not efficient enough to build a tight and secured seal. Now, you have to reinstall the toilet by reinstalling the wax ring. You have to do it gently because it damages the ring. 

Step 8: Seat Installation

toilet seat installation

Now, this is the last and the final step that you need to do. Use a screwdriver to set the toilet at the upper part of the tank. 

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Winding Up!

We hope that you get the answer to how to replace a toilet. With these steps, you can easily remove and install the toilet. Just do as suggested in the article and ensure a good toilet for your bathroom. Well, the toilet is the key element of the bathroom so make sure to have a good one for you and your family. The task can be done easily in a single day. You might feel like it will consume more of your time but the saves a lot of your money from getting used to plumbing services. 

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