10 Quick Ways to Unclog a Toilet When You Don’t Have A Plunger

In this pandemic period, where you constantly hear about a new virus, it becomes mandatory to keep the cleanliness of our surroundings. You may keep your house clean but it is not efficient enough unless there is not a clean or safe bathroom. Toilet seats and their cleanliness matter the most for individuals like you who want to tackle the aftereffects of viruses. Many of you might prefer to mop your bathroom tiles, floors with some detergents and soaps. But, that proves to be inefficient if you do not provide proper care to a clogged toilet. Well, we can think about how you are feeling when seeing a clogged toilet that can be cleaned only by the plunger. But, what if you don’t have a plunger and your toilet gets clogged. Well, the answer to how to unclog a toilet is provided in this article. You just make sure to go through all the relevant tools and things that we are going to discuss in this article.

From the tools and other options mentioned below, you can easily unclog your toilet without even using a plunger. Taking care of your toilet is as essential as anything to remove the unnecessary germs and viruses that later on bring new illnesses. You cannot leave your toiled to be clogged so here are the solutions for that. Don’t panic when there is no plunger on sight just use these 10 things and you are good to go. A clogged toilet will not be a problem anymore as you will get some easiest ways to unclog it. So, let’s proceed ahead with the guide and learn all the different things you can use for cleaning purposes. 

What Other Things You Require to Unclog Toilet

The user needs to ensure some of the essential things like a wire hanger, baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap before achieving the goals. With these household items, you can easily carry out functions to unclog your toilet. If you are wondering how you can complete the tasks with such basic things then move ahead and know how to unclog a toilet. We all know that plunger is the easiest method that is highly used for that purpose but there are plenty of methods as well that will clear the clogging in a minimal time.

Methods to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

You may now be curious to know about the secret items that will help you in unclogging the toilet. So, let’s move below and learn. 

Leave it Overnight

At times, all you require to do is to have some patience till the toilet starts to unclog itself. Your patience might resolve this issue easily. You can leave your toilet overnight. Clog gets pressure from the water in your toilet when it tries to leave. So, when you leave it over time, it becomes unclogged. If you find the clog there then make sure to prevent the water flow. It will help in flushing the toilet. 

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt : how to flush a toilet without water

Epsom salt is the instant solution to clogged toilets. You must have it in your essential kit. Whenever you are at your friend’s toilet and face an agitated situation like this then make sure to use this secret ingredient. Epsom salt develops a quick reaction with the clogged and breaks them down into tiny particles. With this salt, you may save yourself from getting embarrassed in front of your family and friends. It is the most used trick that will be used by many to unclog the toilet. 

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs : Kohler toilet

Bath bombs are another option that you use can use in this hard situation. They come in the shape of balls so you can easily carry them in your bags. You need to put bath bombs inside the clogged stuff and let it reacts further. It may coat the sides of the pipe to ease the path. Make sure to wait till bath bombs get completely dissolved. It would be recommended to always carry these small essential items with you whenever you go outside. As you also don’t want to feel embarrassed in front of anyone. You can reciprocate the situation with your smartness and these are just small ways that will define your personality. 

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Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar : Plunger

Baking soda and vinegar are no better than a cool volcano when mixed. Their mixture can develop a quick cleanser for any kind of surface and floor. You can always count on them when there are no cleaning items left. Just make sure to carry the right amount of value. Like, you can carry around one cup of baking soda and pour it into the toilet. Do not split all of the baking soda into one specific place. Make sure to spread it around in a way that covers almost all areas. Now, just let it disappears and then add around two cups of vinegar. Do the same things with vinegar also, spread it all over until it gets dispersed. It would be better if you do it in a circular motion. Vinegar and baking soda altogether evolve a fizzy reaction that will help in breaking up the clog. Make sure that this mixture is sat around an hour without any interruption. Now, when the time gets over, just flush the toilet. It will surely resolve the issue. However, if you will find no result then make sure to conduct the same process and leave it overnight. 

Wire Hanger

Wire Hanger : how to unclog a toilet without a plunger

A wire hanger is another item that you can use for unclogging the toilet. To use the hanger, you need to first unfold it in a way that it becomes straight. You don’t have to use the rough edge of it. Make sure to tie a rag to do a proper cleaning. With this rag, you have to continue the process of unclogging the toilet. Many times, using harsh edges prove to be more hectic and dangerous as it leads to more damage than you think off. So, make sure to always put a rag whenever you use a rough material. The rag will help you from causing holes in the drainage pipe. 

Plain Hot Water

Plain Hot Water : how to unclog a toilet

Before starting with this, we want you to get a proper difference between plain hot water and boiling water. Plain hot water should not be at the boiling stage. If you mistakenly use boiling water then it would leave some cracks on your toilet seats. There are many types of toilet seats that are available in the market, you should know what kind of toilet seat you need. Thus, make you dive into the worst situation. So, always be cautious about what temperature you are using as everything in excess is bad and using boiling water for unclogging the toilet is worse. Now, you should pour the water from waist level. The water pressure will dislodge all the causes that bring clogging to your bathroom. 

Drain Cleaners

Drain Cleaners 

Well, drain cleaners are not our choice, but if you don’t have anything that we have described above then make sure to use this chemical. The reason why we do not want to include them is they are not environment friendly. Also, they could cause damages or burns to your toilet. If you don’t want to use them then try to blend powdered dish soap with bleach and use this mixture. You can take around a cup of powdered dish soap and two cups of bleach to witness the unclogged toilet. Make sure to not flush the toilet for about half an hour. It needs some time to get a reaction.

Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

If you don’t have any of these items then get ready to sacrifice your toilet brush. You can use it by moving back and forth. Make sure to do this gently. If you apply vigorous force then it might end up with a new problem. So, take this advice and do this process gently. Also, put on some essential items like goggles and rubber gloves before carrying out this task. You can throw this brush in the dustbin when the activities become finished. Ensure to purchase the new brush as you are not left with any choice. 

Plastic Bottle

use Plastic Bottle to unclog a toilet

This is the tricky one that you can try to unclog the toilet. Here is a quick description of what you can do to create water pressure from a bottle. First of all, make sure that you remove the unnecessary water from the toilet bowl. You can use a small container to bring out the water. Once done with that, use another plastic container like a bottle and fill it with warm water. Make sure that you have put your thumb or any finger at the head of the bottle. You need to do it to hold the air pressure. Now, just place the bottle upside down at the bottom of your toilet and remove your thumb or fingers. Press the bottle that will leave the water with pressure and then clear all the clogged material.  

Prevent Clogs of Future

Toilets can only excrete toilet paper and human waste. So, don’t throw any of the pieces or objects that would harm them in the future. Here are the pointers that you consider for the prevention of clogs. 

  • Make sure that you will not flush excessive amounts of toilet paper. 
  • Try to flush multiple times if there are too many toilet papers. 
  • Ensure to flush products relevant only for toiler purposes. 
  • Your children should be learned to flush significant products other than toys and plastic items. 

Wind Up!

These items will help you in unclogging the toilet. We hope that you like this article and find it informative about how to unclog a toilet. In the future, if you find a clogged toilet then use these 10 tricks and get rid of the situation. If, in any chance, the situation becomes worsen then don’t forget to call a plumber. They will reduce the future’s possibilities also. Make sure to prevent these clogs by taking these three points into consideration. You will not fall into this kind of trouble again when you apply and teach these three things to yourself and your children. 

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