Is Bathroom Water Safe to Drink in Ireland, UK, London & USA

Is Bathroom Water Safe to Drink in Ireland, UK, London & USA
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Is Bathroom Water Safe to Drink in Ireland, UK, London & USA?

The bathroom is a crucial part of a building. There is no building erected without a restroom, washroom, bathroom, or toilet inside. A bathroom is a place we visit every day of our life to take our bath, urinate, wash, brush our teeth, and many more. Indeed, the importance of a bathroom can never be overemphasized.

However, a bathroom has a tap where one can get water. The reason for the bathroom tap is because most of the things we do inside the bathroom involve the use of water.

However, the question is, is bathroom water safe to drink in Ireland, London, UK & the USA?

No, bathroom water is not safe to drink in Ireland, the UK, London, and, the USA. If you wish to drink water, drink from elsewhere and stay away from bathroom water. It is not hygienic to drink water from the bathroom irrespective of your location.

Can You Drink Water From the Bathroom Sink in Ireland?

The answer is no. Do not drink bathroom sink water in Ireland. How can you even ask if you can drink water from the bathroom sink in Ireland? Even though Ireland has clean water, that does not mean you can drink your bathroom water. Is there no other tap in the house aside from the one in the bathroom?

The answer is no, and the same answer goes with these questions: is tap water in Ireland safe to drink? Can you drink tap water in cork, Ireland? Can you drink tap water in Dublin hotels? The answer is still capital NO. Do not drink water from the bathroom.

Bathroom water is not meant to be consumed. For goodness sake, is there no other tap in the house? There is a reason why bathroom water should not be consumed and that is because bathroom water tends to taste different than other tap water in the house.

You can use the bathroom water to wash, brush your teeth, and clean. You may even use it for cooking, but please do not drink it. When it comes to drinking, please, do not drink it. 

Therefore, if you are in Ireland or Dublin, or you visited Ireland and lodged in a hotel and wondered whether it’s safe for you to drink water from the hotel bathroom in Ireland. The answer is no. It is not advisable to do so.

Is it safe to Drink Bathroom Water in USA?

The answer is no. Despite how clean your bathroom water is, please do not drink it. The water supplied to US residents and hotels may indeed be clean, it is only clean enough to brush teeth, and bathe.

Many blogs online have encouraged people to drink water from bathrooms in the USA, stating that the US supplies clean water. The assertion is real and cannot be disputed. Clean water is indeed being provided, but that does not mean you should drink from it. Try and get excellent clean bottled water to drink and stay away from bathroom water.

The only time you should take bathroom water is when there is no water around, and you are very thirsty; you can drink it to quench your thirst at the moment. Let it be a one-time thing. Don’t form the habit of drinking water from your bathroom tap.

Is it safe to Drink Bathroom Water in the UK & London?

It is true that the United Kingdom is indeed one of the countries with clean tap waters. That should not give you an edge to start drinking water from your bathroom tap. Just because you are from the UK does not give you the advantage of drinking water from wherever you want? No. That’s wrong. You never can tell, you may have sensitive skin, and the water may react to you if it’s polluted.

Side effects of Drinking Bathroom Water

Someone has also asked if there is any risk in drinking bathroom tap water and the answer to that question is yes. Drinking water from your bathroom or drinking bathroom water may expose you to germs, which may result in health issues, mostly if the water being supplied to the bathroom is stored inside a tank. Trust me, do not drink such water.

I have seen so many dead things inside the water tank. Besides, that, have you ever left water inside a bucket for two days, and you notice that the bucket is slippery? If your answer is yes, then imagine a tank that has not been washed for a very long time. Drinking water from such a place may affect you. Except you are used to drinking such bad water. No one should be used to drinking bad water.

Some of the diseases one can get from drinking contaminated or polluted bathroom water range from Typhoid fever to Schistomiasis, Dysentery, Arsenicosis, Polio (Infantile Paralysis), and Cholera, Trachoma (Eye infection), Malaria, Diarrhea, and Lead poisoning.


In conclusion, nobody is telling you not to drink water. What we are saying is, if you must drink water, make sure to drink clean water to avoid exposing yourself to any of those diseases listed above.