Is Hotel Bathroom Water Safe to Drink?

Is Hotel Bathroom Water Safe to Drink?
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Have you ever asked, is hotel bathroom water is safe to drink? Have you ever been to a hotel in UK, USA, Ireland, etc., and wanted to drink water, but does not have any bottled water around you; and at that moment, you’re left with the option of drinking the hotel bathroom water?

Well, you are not the only one. It can happen to anybody. There may be a time at midnight, you may become very thirsty and need to drink water and as you approach the tap inside your hotel bathroom, the question that will come inside yourself is, is hotel bathroom water safe to drink?

No, hotel bathroom water is not safe to drink because there may be germs in the bathroom tap where the water runs from, or the pipes that supply the water may not be as clean as you think, the same goes with the tank in the hotel where the water is stored? 

What is Water?

Thanks to the fact that we drink water every day, we are able to know the meaning and function of water to every human being. But there are many things you may not know about the water which I am going to tell you in this post.

First of all, according to Wikipedia, water is defined as a substance that is inorganic in nature which contains one oxygen, two hydrogen atoms. These two things are connected by a covalent bond and are represented as H2O.

Wikipedia also listed about 5 attributes of water, which include tasteless, odorless, transparent, inorganic, and chemical that is nearly colorless. That is because, water is indeed tasteless, if you ever drink water, and you get a taste from it, just know that there is something wrong with it.

Uses of Water

There are many things we do with water. We wash, cook, clean, and bath with water. These are just the basic use of water. There are other things we do with water that doesn’t involve cooking, bathing, and washing. In fact, we use water to do most things we do as human beings. The truth remains that no one can survive without water.

However, when using water, we should be cautious of the water we use. As I always say, there are some water you are not supposed to drink even if you boil it. This is because, while boiling the water will remove the germs, it will not remove the chemical toxins in the water.

Is it Safe to Drink Water from Hotel Bathroom?

Having known all about water and the fact that it is something one cannot do without, the question you should ask yourself is, Is hotel bathroom water safe to drink?  Will I get sick from drinking hotel bathroom water?

There is a difference between a hotel bathroom and your bathroom. Your bathroom is personal, something only you use but a hotel bathroom is more like a public bathroom used by anyone that has been and will be in the hotel.

However, the answer to the question cannot be straight. That is because sometimes, hotels may have good drinkable water running through the taps.  Especially the big hotels. So most of these hotels have a good water supply so that peradventure if you mistakenly drink their bathroom water while brushing or taking your bath, it won’t affect you.

There are many countries that are said to have the best clean water in the world. These countries include the United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg, Italy, France, and Austria. These countries’ tap waters are good hence you can drink water from their hotel bathroom.

Nevertheless, if you ask me personally, I will tell you that water from the hotel bathroom is not good to drink. There are many reasons why I strongly believe you should never drink water from a hotel bathroom. It is to avoid stories that touch.

But in a situation whereby you are very thirsty and do not have any water around, I will suggest you call the hotel reception, kitchen, or bar and request a bottle of water. If they do not have it at the moment or if it’s too expensive for you to afford, make sure to ask the receptionist or whoever answered the call if their hotel bathroom water is safe to drink. If the answer is yes, you can go ahead and drink from there but if the answer is no. Please do not drink from there to avoid having complications.

Meanwhile, if the so-called hotel is from your country, a place you have been for a very long time, that means you are used to the type of tap water they have, you can go ahead and drink the water, but please do not drink too much. Just take a sip that will quench your thirst while you sleep. You can get clean water the next day to drink. That is if you must take the water.

Truth be told, I’ve been in this kind of situation. On that fateful day, I forgot to buy water. I totally forgot about it. When I remembered I don’t have drinking water was when I was about to eat and the worst part was that I was supposed to take my medication that same night. It was already very late in the night. All the nearby stores have closed for the day.

I had to make use of my sink water to take my medication. But I made sure that it was just a small amount of water. I don’t want to risk any chances by drinking too many.

It is also important to note that if you must drink the tap water from the hotel bathroom you lodge, make sure to run the water for a while, before taking the one to drink. This is to ensure that the dirty water has gone out and that the water is at least clean to drink.

Reason not to Drink Water from Hotel Bathroom

I will advise you not to drink water from the hotel bathroom and one of the reasons is that there may be bugs or germs in the bathroom tap water. I have heard so many people say that the quality of water differs from country to country. I don’t know how true that is. But to be on the safer side, it is not wise to drink water from the hotel bathroom even if the hotel management gives you go ahead.

The water may be clean, what about the pipes that supply the water? What about the tank in the hotel where the water is being stored? Are they also clean? How sure are you that they are clean? These are the question you suppose to ask yourself before drinking water from anywhere. Since we all know the water the US supplies are clean water. What about the pipes?

Why Does Hotel Water Taste Bad

Hotel bathroom water tastes bad because it is not meant to be consumed. You are not supposed to drink from a hotel bathroom tap. Another reason why hotel water tastes bad could be that the water in the hotel is not drinkable. So drinking such water will definitely affect your health.

Another reason is the pipes and taps we’ve already discussed above. The truth is, you can never tell what is going on down there inside the pipe. That is why it’s safe to always drink bottled water.

Meanwhile, most hotels sell water, so they are not expecting you to drink from the tap water inside the bathroom. They expect you to buy water from them. If you can afford to lodge in a hotel, is it bottled water that you can not afford to buy?

I read an article where someone wrote about 10 things never to do when you are in a hotel and drinking hotel bathroom tap water is one of them. If everyone is telling you not to drink water from a hotel bathroom, then don’t do it.


Is hotel bathroom water safe to drink? Please do not drink water from the hotel bathroom. It may not be safe for your body system. Even if it’s safe, do not drink it. If you are in a foreign country, make sure to buy bottled water. However, if it is a must that you must drink water to quench your thirst, make sure to allow the tap to run for a while before taking a portion to drink. Don’t drink to your satisfaction because the water may not be really safe for your body system.

I’ve heard people also say that tap water supplies to households/residents and hotels in the United States (US) are clean and safe to drink, therefore, you don’t need to take any action of either treating the water or boiling it. Please, in order to be on the safer side, just get bottled water or make sure to treat or boil the water before you drink it.