Is Water From the Shower and Bathtub Safe to Drink?

Is Water From the Shower and Bathtub Safe to Drink?
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Are you asking, is water from the shower and bathtub safe to drink? Ask no more for in this article, we will do justice to these questions:

  • Is water from the shower and bathtub safe to drink?
  • Will there be any side effects?
  • Is bathtub water the same as sink water?

Every household has a bathroom where water is channeled from different pipes. These different pipes get water from one source and then distribute the water to the bathroom sink, bathroom shower, and bathroom bathtub taps. But the question is, is water from a shower and bathtub safe to drink?

Is it Safe to Drink Water from Shower or Bathtub?

No, it is not safe to drink shower water or bathtub water because the shower or bathtub water may be contaminated or polluted as a result of different chemical and mineral buildups that happen in a shower. Why would you even drink water from your shower? Is there no other tap in the house?

In as much as the water supplied to the building is very clean because of the fact that you live in a nation where the government supplies clean drinkable water. That does not give you the audacity to drink from your shower or bathtub. That place is where you take your bath for crying out loud.

Be that as it may, as a human being, there are certain things our common sense suppose to tell us. There are equally certain things we should not do except under unwarranted circumstances. Drinking water from a shower or bathtub is one of those things you are not supposed to do. There are other taps in the house, if you feel you must drink tap water, you can drink from other taps and leave shower water alone.

How Do I Know If My Tap Water is Safe?

If your tap water is safe, your mind will tell you. When drinking the water, you will not notice any taste, odor, and color. If the water is not transparent, if it has some odd color, then it’s not safe to drink. If the water is hard, is not safe to drink. If it equally has some taste, just know that it has already been contaminated and may affect you when you drink it. Do not drink such water.

Is Bath Water the Same as Tap Water?

Yes, bathwater is the same as tap water. All the tap water in a building normally comes from the same source and be distributed to various parts of the house through pipes. The pipe distributing the water to the toilet differs from the one distributing water to the other parts of the building such as the kitchen. That is why in some buildings, kitchen water tastes better than bathwater.

However, the fact remains that all the tap water in a building comes from one source. This is to say that bathwater is the same as tap water. But there is a reason why bath water tastes different from other tap water in the house.

While you can comfortably drink tap water, bathwater is the type of water you are not supposed to drink. Try as much as you can to be sensitive to your health. Don’t do anything that will pose a risk to it.

Is Sink Water and Shower Water the Same?

Yes, sink water and shower water are the same. Water from the sink and water that runs through the sink come from the same source. The only difference is that the pipes that channel the water differ from each other.

Can You Boil Bathroom Water?

Yes, you can boil bathroom water. But before you drink it, make sure to filter it before drinking. This is to ensure that you are drinking clean water. Water that is boiled is safe for drinking as long as the water is drinkable.

In all, water from the shower and bathtub is not safe to drink. No matter where you are, bathroom water is not safe to drink.