Why Dogs Drink Toilet Water (5 Major Reasons)

Why Dogs Drink Toilet Water
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Dogs drinking water from the toilet has been a topic of deliberation for a long time because many dog owners are complaining of such a thing. The question is what are the reasons why dogs drink toilet water?

Reasons Why Dogs Drink Toilet Water

Here are the reasons why dogs drink toilet water.

  • Because toilet water is fresh
  • Because the water is cold
  • Because it’s a running water
  • Taste of plastic or water bowl
  • The comfort of the toilet
  • Because they lick and smell you
  • Because they kiss your child
  • Because you want them to be on a safer side

Because Toilet Water is Fresh 

Who doesn’t like freshwater? One of the reasons why you see your dog always drinking out of your toilet is because they see toilet water as freshwater. While toilet water is not fresh for us humans, it is for dogs, and that is why they drink from there.

Most times, when you leave water on a plastic plate for your dog, after a while, the water won’t be fresh anymore simply because it has been on that plate for a very long period of time. However, toilet water is fresh because you frequently visit your toilet, and anytime you do, you flush. The remaining water is fresh and clean. Dogs consider such water as freshwater; that’s why they drink from there.

Have you ever noticed sometimes when you are washing your car or something, you notice your dog is drinking from the hose? Dogs like drinking running fresh water. They consider such water as fresh, that’s why they drink from there.

Because the Water is Cold

This is another major reason why dogs drink toilet water. Toilet water is usually cold and fresh. Dogs prefer to drink from there than to drink from their water plate.

When you leave water for dogs on a plate, that water will turn hot after some time. It will no longer be pleasant and enjoyable. Take yourself as an example, sometimes, you linger for cold water, and while you are drinking such water, you are enjoying every bit of it. That is how dogs enjoy drinking cold water from the toilet. They sometimes prefer cold water, and toilet water is the best place they can easily get it.

Because it’s a Running Water

Just like I said earlier, dogs like running water. They consider it fresh and clean. So since your dog is always at home, your toilet seems to be the only option he has to drink fresh running water.

Taste of Plastic or Water Bowel

While you leave water for your dog on his plate, which may be plastic or metal depending on the one you are using, the water may start to taste plastic or metal after it has stayed there for a very long period of time. In this case, what your dog will do is to choose fresh running water over that one you left for him since morning.

The comfort of the Toilet

Have you ever imagined the comfort and quietness your dog enjoy while drinking from your toilet? Dogs enjoy such comfort and quietness while chugging water out from the toilet. While the water is fresh and cold, they just had to enjoy every bit of it by drinking as much as they can until they are satisfied.

Reason Why Dogs Should not Drink Toilet Water

There are many reasons why you should not allow your dog to drink out of your toilet. They are the reasons why you should train and stop the dog from drinking toilet water.

  • Because your dog may kiss you
  • Because you kiss your dog

Because your Dog may Kiss you

Having a dog as a pet can be very loving and beautiful. However, dogs can be very loving. They know how to show love in their respective way, and sometimes, they show love by kissing you. As a human being, how would you feel if your dog kisses you right after he has just enjoyed the cold freshwater from the toilet?

As I said earlier, in as much as toilet water may be harmless for dogs, it’s definitely harmful to human health. On the normal ground, you would never drink toilet water because there is much other clean water in the house, but if you are not careful, your dog can make you have a taste of toilet water. So it’s important you prevent your dog from drinking toilet water.

Because you Kiss your Dog

Dogs can be very fun and loving to have in a house. They have that type of characteristics that is amazing. They can be very caring. Your dog may show you love, and you decided to kiss him without knowing that he is just coming out of the toilet where he had chugged down your toilet water.

Because they Lick and Smell you

We all know that dogs are fond of licking and sniffing. They lick a lot. Don’t let your dog drink toilet water because he may come right after to lick you. On a normal ground, you don’t allow toilet water to splash on you even when you are pooping; therefore, don’t let your dog rub you with toilet water by not allowing him inside your toilet to drink out of it,

Because they Kiss your Child

I’ve watched several adorable videos online about dogs and how they love and interact with kids. Dogs know that this person is a kid but what they don’t know is whether to or not to kiss the child right after they just finish drinking toilet water. You may not be around when it happens; you may be cooking; you may be doing something when it may happen, so don’t say that you are always around your child. Prevention is better than cure.

Because you want them to be on a safer side

It’s true that toilet water may or may not harm your dog, but it’s better you don’t allow them to drink it to be on a safer side, especially if you raised the dog with clean water and food. Give them clean water always to drink. It’s much better.

To stop your dog from drinking out of your toilet, you can get a dog water fountain for your dogs. Since dogs like drinking running fresh water, they will like drinking from the water fountain because the water will be fresh and cold.

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Even though toilet water may or may not be dangerous to your dog, you should always try to find out the major reason why your dog prefers to drink out of the toilet. Knowing the reason why help you in knowing how to stop the dog from drinking toilet water.