Reviews of Seven Best Compact Small Toilets 2022

Toilet seats cover a lot of space in the bathroom. And those who have comparatively small bathroom areas know the struggle. That’s why we have prepared this article to cut down the hassle. We have reviewed some of the best compact small toilets that are best for the small spacious bathrooms.
This article will provide you with a complete idea of different shapes and looks, that would be budget-friendly too. If you are planning to redesign your bathroom or want a little more space in your bathroom, read the whole blog till the end. It would surely help you to make a decision.

Best Small Toilets on the Market 

1. HOROW HWMT-8733

HOROW HWMT-8733 is a stylish toilet that holds amazing features to its every inch. The compact design of the loo attracts users towards it.
With the specifications of 25 inches deep, 28.4 inches high, and 13.4 inches wide, the seat surely provides a classy look to your loo.
HOROW HWMT-8733 is the only toilet seat on the list, that goes well with both traditional and contemporary style bathrooms. The chrome button flush works finely and the tramway covers the spaces to avoid any dirt to collect.
The flush comes with two flush options: light and full flush. The full flush requires 1.6 gallons of water, while the light one requires 1.28 gallons of water, which is enough to clean the bowl. The soft close seat helps to avoid any kind of noise or sound. It also consists of a noiseless flush.
The installation procedure of the toilet is very simple and straightforward. The toilet seat is mounted to the floor and the seat comes with a wax ring. It is fitted for a 0.75-inch 0.75-inch water line and needs around 12 inches rough-in from the wall.


  • The stylish look for a contemporary and traditional look.
  • It has a very powerful flush.
  • The close soft seat.


  • The lightweight seat.
  • It is made up of polypropylene.
  • An extra flange bolt was required.
  • The installation process could be tricky.

Additional Features

However, if you are worrying that due to the compact size of the toilet the seat is also being compromised, then that is not the case. The bowl is of standard size with enough space to comfortably sit. The design of the toilet also helps to keep the toilet clean and hence the users do not need to use toilet brushes often. HOW HWMT-8733 also provides a warranty period of 5 years against staining or fading.

2. Galba Small Toilet

Galba Small Toilet
It is very similar to the first one on the list. Galba Small Toilet also has a compact look and fits well in a contemporary and classic theme. 
The size and dimension of the Galba are the same as the Horr

ow. Both have the same height and width. It has a 24.5 inches deep bowl. There is also a half-inch extra space which may sound like no big deal, but in a contracted place, it could provide you with a space to comfortably keep your knees. The narrow toilet is decided in such a way the bowl size is not compromised.


  • Amazing space saver.
  • The UF seat makes it substantial.
  • The dual flush of the toilet is effective and efficient.


  • The spring mechanism of the flush is sometimes prone to pop out.
  • Users may require deep pockets to use this toilet.

Additional Features

The toilet comes with a powerful Vortex Vormax flush that has plenty of water. Dual flush options assist the users to save water. In the full flush, 1.6 gallons of water is used, while in the light flush only half of the water is used.
The finishing of the toilet is designed in such a way that it would not scratch and fade. It is also self-cleanable.

3. Compact Toilet- Woodbridge T-0031/B0500

Woodbridge T-0031B0500

The compact toilet comes in white color only. It provides a minimalistic design that looks great. A dual flush of the toilet at the top can be easily handled with the two buttons. The finished chrome look of the toilet provides an aesthetically rich look. The two flushing options allow for saving water.
The depth of the toilet is 24.5 inches, which makes it a shallow toilet. Compared to the Horror and the Galba models, Woodbridge T-0031/B0500 has around an inch wide.


  • The easy and clean design of the toilet.
  • The loos are the shallowest.
  • Pre-installed and soft closed toilet seat.


  • It is a little wider than the compact toilets.
  • Installation becomes very tricky.
  • Available only in white color.

Additional Features

This small and compact toilet has many other features. The soft closing lead helps the user to avoid any noise. It has a wax ring, hand wrench, and floor bolts to tighten the fixing. The installation procedure of the toilet seat is very easy and effortless.

4. Compact Small Toilet- Saniflo 023 Sani

Saniflo 023 Sani
Saniflo 023 Sani is the answer to all your compact toilet prayers. It has some amazing features that make the users’ life easy. The toilet has its own macerator, hence it can be installed in any location. However, it requires a water supply and an electrical point. Users can install the compact and small toilet anywhere like in the garage, basement, under the stairs, etc with the basic necessity.
The installation procedure of the toilet is simple using the right mounting equipment. It also has a dual flush facility: one light flush and the other one is full. The full flush required f 1.28 gallons of water and the light is 1 gallon.


  • Very compact in size. 
  • Easily can be installed anywhere.
  • Dual flush.
  • Easily installed where the gravity drain is not possible.


  • The flush of the toilet is louder as compared to other products.
  • Not so powerful a flushing system.

Additional Features

The waste in the loo can be discharged up to 120 feet horizontally and 9 feet vertically. There is no space for the external water which makes it even more compacted.
To make the toilet small and compact, a few things are being compromised. Like the size of the toilet seat might not be comfortable for everyone. The flush of the toilet is also not powerful as compared the other toilets. Sometimes you might also need to flush twice to completely dispose of the solid waste.

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5. American Standard Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece

American Standard Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece
The users who are looking for a compact toilet with a higher seat, then American Standard Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece might be the one.
It is available in three color combinations white, bone colorways, and linen. The toilet seat might not mix well with the classic bathroom style, however, you can go for a contemporary style bathroom.
It has a shallow tank that provides an elongated bowl. The loo is around 28.5 inches deep and it will need a little extra space. The whole toilet is made up of a single piece that helps to avoid the collection of any dirt or grannies. Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece comes with the clever lift toilet seat. It is designed in such a way to softly close the seat and discretion. The heavy plastic bag allows the seats to softly close the seats.
However, users using the toilet only have one single flush but it is powerful enough to clean the bowl. It contains around 1.28 gallons of water for the flush. The action of a power scrub keeps the toilet bowl clean.


  • It is easy to use with the height of a 5-inch toilet seat.
  • Smooth and hygienic opening/ closing.
  • Easy cleaning procedure.


  • Louder flush.
  • Old fashioned style of the flush.
  • the design does not go well with contemporary toilets.

Additional Features

The handle of the flush is old-fashioned and also makes a little bit of noise while flushing. It is a perfect toilet seat for a traditionally designed bathroom, but for a contemporary bathroom choose something different.

6. Renovator’s Supply Small Toilet

Renovator Supply Small Toilet
If you are looking for something to fit into the corner of the bathroom, then this is the corner toilet one should opt for. The toilet is not much smaller in size than the standard size of a traditional toilet. With the dimensions of 32.5 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide, and 31 inches tall, the toilet seat is designed to adjust in the corners.
Efficient dual-flush technology saves water. It uses around 1.6 gallons of water for a full flush and 0.8 gallons for the light one.  Renovator’s Supply Small Toilet has a plastic toilet cover and seat use does not give a classy bathroom look.


  • Install the full-size toilet into the corner.
  • Stain and scratch proof.
  • Designed to save water (use only 0.8 gallons of water).


  • Replacement parts are very difficult to find.

Additional Features

Users using the toilet have to face a tough time while fixing the toilet seat. You might also need a professional plumber for repair. It is also very pocket friendly for the users.

7. Tiny Bathrooms Julius Compact Toilet

Julius Compact Toilet
It is one of the smallest sized toilet seats on this list. With a dimension of 24 inches depth, 14.25 inches wide, and around 27 inches tall. Therefore, if you are looking for a compact toilet for your small bathroom, Tiny Bathrooms Julius Compact Toilet could be a good option for you.


  • It does not have any grooves or corners.
  • Does not trap dirt.
  • Efficient use of water.
  • Dual flush.


  • The ring included in the software is very difficult to use, it is recommended to buy your own.
  • Everyone might not like the plastic seat and the cover.

Additional Features

The toilet is available in white in color. The simple design of the toilet helps to keep the tight corners dirt and germs free. The slow closing of the toilet seat lead makes it a noiseless toilet. The flush is also very powerful and effective. This is a very effective & powerful flushing toilet. The toilet seat cover and the seat itself are made up of plastic. However, you can change the toilet seat if you are looking for a heavyweight toilet seat.

How to Buy the Perfect Toilet?

We have discussed seven small toilets above. If you are still confused about which one to choose for your use, then here is a stepwise guide that will help you to buy the right toilet.


You must have a clear idea about the space where you want to install the toilet. Sure, you want a compact small toilet, but exactly how much-compacted toilet do you need? Where do you want to fit the toilet? How narrow should it be? One must know the answers to all these questions.
Measure the space and ensure that the toilet you are purchasing will fit perfectly. You can also use tape to mark the floor.

Pocket and Environment Friendly

Different toilets have different degrees of water to use. Some have better water-saving technology that helps to save both water and electric bills. You can opt for the dual flushing toilet, they are efficient and eco-friendly. 
One can also connect the sink water for the flush. Some toilets come in such a way to make the required adjustments.


Choose something that goes well with your bathroom. If your bathroom has a traditional look then opt for the classically designed toilets. And if the bathroom is designed in a contemporary style, then contemporary styled toilets will be perfect.