Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives (7 Alternatives)

Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives
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Toilet paper shortage alternatives. Have you ever been so pressed and rushed to the toilet only to discover that you had already finished the toilet tissue you have? Because you are very pressed, you can’t hold the feces inside anymore, then you begin to wonder what to do. You’ll begin to ask yourself if there is any toilet paper shortage alternative you can use.

Many years ago, during my days in school. A friend of mine visited and on leaving the next day, I didn’t know he used up the toilet tissue I have. I had no idea because I was the first person to visit the toilet that fateful morning.

However, when I got home from school, I was so pressed that I rushed into the toilet only to find out that I had no tissue inside my toilet. At that point in time, I was very weak already. The feces was always coming out. Had I know, I would have bought toilet paper on my way back.

What happened was that I never imagine the toilet tissue finishing as it was still much as of the time I used it. It was then I realized the importance of toilet paper. I had to quickly make use of one of the toilet paper alternatives discussed below. Below are the toilet paper shortage replacements you should use.

Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives

  1. Newspaper
  2. Flannel Squares
  3. Water wash
  4. Dry cloth
  5. Bidet
  6. Baby Wipes
  7. Leaves


Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives

Newspaper is one of the toilet paper shortage alternatives you can easily get when you are stranded in the bathroom with no toilet paper. Now that COVID-19 is rising again and people are buying up toilet tissue in stores. If you were not able to buy one before the toilet paper shortage in your area. You don’t need to worry because coronavirus or no coronavirus, you must surely visit the toilet to defecate at least once in two days.

How to Use Newspaper as Toilet Paper Alternative

To use newspaper as toilet paper, all you have to do is to first of all squeeze the paper. The squeeze will help soften the newspaper. You can choose not to do that. After defecation, use it and clean your anus. You are not expected to flush the newspaper inside your toilet. The reason is that a newspaper is very strong and may not easily flush like tissue paper. Don’t do it to avoid blocking your toilet pipes.

Reusable Toilet Paper

Reusable Toilet Paper is another alternative to toilet paper shortage. In fact, this is one of the toilet paper replacement one can get during this coronavirus lockdown. I know that to reuse something especially something that you already used to clean something is somehow but it is a very good alternative. It’s better than none.

How to Use Reusable Toilet Paper

Meanwhile, reusable toilet paper is just like cloth diapers whereby you make use of strips, squares, or other arrays of cloth in substitution for toilet paper. The only difference between reusable toilet paper and normal toilet paper is that one is disposable while the other is not. You are expected to dispose the normal toilet paper after use, unlike the reusable toilet paper.

How to Wash Reusable Toilet Paper

After using the toilet paper, you can put it in a container and wash it later. You can choose to wash it immediately after use. You are advised to use chlorine bleach or vinegar to wash it and make sure to soak it for 30 minutes before washing. This is to ensure that you are able to wash off every particle of feces in toilet paper.

Water Wash


If you are thinking of what you can use to replace toilet paper, think no more, water is the best replacement option for toilet paper. After defecating or urinating in the case of women, use a bowl or a cup, collect some amount of water, and wash your anus area. If you are a woman, I suggest you be careful when washing your anus area with water to avoid some particles of feces from entering inside your private part. That will not be hygienic at all.

Do you remember the story I told you at the beginning of this post about a friend of mine who used up my toilet paper? Well, as I couldn’t go out to buy toilet paper, I had to use water after defecating.

My senior sister believes that water is the best cleaning agent to use after defecating. She believes that with the use of water and maybe soap, you can be able to thoroughly wash your anus area unlike if you use toilet paper. She believes that toilet paper cannot be able to clean feces out of your anus especially to those that have hairs around their anus area.

However, I think she is right. If you don’t feel comfortable using water, you can use your toilet paper to clean the area first after which you can wash with water and soap.

Dry Cloth

Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives

Now that Coronavirus is still causing a shortage of toilet papers, if you see yourself in that kind of situation, you can get one of your clothes you do not wear again, cut it into pieces and make use of it to clean your anus after defecating. However, you are advised to dispose it immediately. Do not keep it inside your house for so long.


Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives

Bidet is a low oval basin used for washing one’s genital and anal area. It can serve as a toilet paper shortage alternatives. It’s true that most toilets do not have a bidet, however, you can buy and install a bidet in your toilet. It is a plumbing fixture mostly seen in the bathroom beside the toilet, shower, or sink. Some bidet may look big like a wash hand basin. It does have a tap on it with which you can use to fill up the bidet.

Baby Wipes

Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives

Baby Wipes are another best alternative to toilet paper. If you are able to get hold of baby wipes while there is a shortage of toilet paper, you can make use of it to clean after visiting the toilet.

However, you are advised never to flush baby wipes in your toilet. Baby wipes are not like toilet paper that breaks down. Baby wipes do not. So do not flush it down your toilet so you don’t clog your toilet pipes and grinder pumps in septic and sewer systems.


Toilet Paper Shortage Alternatives

You can make use of leaves to clean your anus after defecating. I came across an article where someone probably from African said that when he was a little boy, they never had a water system toilets so they never make use of toilet papers. During those days, they had pit toilets and made use of leaves after defecating.

How to Use Leave to Clean Your Anus

Be that as it may, if you have any leave around the house, you can make use of it to clean your anus area after defecating. However, you are advised to be careful of the type of leave you use as some leave may stink or irritate thereby leaving rashes around your anus. You are also advised not to flush leave down the toilet as it will definitely block your toilet.


If you find yourself in a situation whereby you need to clean after using up your toilet paper or there is a toilet paper shortage in the country/city, you can make use of any of the alternative/replacement above to clean your anus and its surroundings after defecating.