Toilet Paper Shortage (Facts You Should Know)

Toilet Paper Shortage
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Toilet paper shortage has become an issue in the world of today. Who would believe that a time will come when the demand for toilet paper will be very high? Who would believe that a time will come in the modern world when there will a shortage of toilet paper in some parts of the world?

You may have heard about the toilet paper shortage in the United States, and have wondered what it’s all about. In this article, we will try as much as we can to explain everything you need to know about the toilet paper shortage. First of all, what is toilet paper?

What is Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is a tissue paper that is made for the purpose of cleaning. Toilet paper can be called toilet tissue or toilet roll. The paper is made for the sole purpose of cleaning the anus area after visiting the toilet. There are various other uses and importance of toilet paper. In fact, the use of toilet paper cannot be overemphasized.

Uses of Toilet Paper

Below are some of the uses of toilet paper. We covered the primary use of toilet paper:

  • Cleaning after defecating
  • Cleaning after urination
  • Cleaning of the bloody fluid
  • Cover the toilet seat
  • Removing make-up
  • Stuff in your shoes

Cleaning after Defecating

We use toilet paper to clean the anus and its surroundings after defecating: This is a procedure we follow every day. As human beings, we must visit the toilet to defecate every day. If not everyday, at least every two days interval. As long as food enters your stomach, you must surely visit the toilet except you have a severe health condition.

When we visit the toilet, we tend to take out some waste materials which smell a lot. There is nobody in this world that will prove that his or her feces smells nice. All feces as long as it comes from the body smell terribly bad. As such, we are not expected to touch it or play with it. We are expected to use toilet paper to do the cleaning.

Touching your feces can expose you to bacterial which may lead to some health challenges. That’s why it’s important we do not run a shortage of toilet papers in the house. Though there are many other toilet paper shortage alternatives when you run out of toilet papers at home such as washing the anus and its surroundings with water.

However, the question is, is washing the anus with water after defecation hygienic? Won’t your hand touch some particles of feces while washing your anus area? What will happen next if my hand touches my feces especially feces that smells very bad? These are some of the questions you should always ponder about. It will compel you never to allow toilet paper shortage in your house.

One of the reasons why your feces smells very bad is because you stay for a very long time before visiting your toilet. You are expected to visit your toilet every morning before going to school, work, or before starting the day’s activities. This is to ensure that your system is empty and ready for whatever you will eat for that day.

However, when you stay for two days without visiting your toilet, when you eventually visit, it will definitely make your feces smell very bad. Moreover, if you also mess or pollute the air, it will smell very badly, unlike someone that had already visited the restroom.

Another reason why your feces smells very bad is as a result of some of the things you eat. When you eat things and refuse to visit the toilet when necessary, it tends to make your feces smell bad. Let’s try as much as we can to practice good hygiene.

Cleaning After Urination

Toilet paper can be used to clean the private part area after urination. This is mostly done by women. Apart from these days when wipers are all over the market, before, women tend to always carry toilet paper in the purses, handbags, etc which they use any time they urinate. They use to wipe and clean the area.

Cleaning of Bloody Fluid

This is also mostly used by women, especially during their menstruation period. However, men can as well use toilet paper to clean any bloody fluid caused by an injury in any parts of their body.

Cover the Toilet Seat

Covering the toilet seat is another important use of toilet paper. People that do this are people who frequently visit public bathrooms. It is called a public bathroom because everyone can use it. It’s not a personal thing. Therefore, some people feel the only way to feel safe is to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper.

Trust me; people do this all the time. Doing that may consume lots of toilet paper. It may equally lead to a shortage of toilet paper, but it is a good thing to do in a public bathroom.

Removing Make-Up

Hello ladies! How are you doing? Toilet paper is used by many women to clean their make-up. Though there are many other things women use to remove their make-up such as water and other chemicals. But, toilet paper is easy and mostly use for cleaning make-up. Toilet paper is readily available at all times.

Stuff in your shoes

I do this all the time. Toilet paper becomes handy when you buy a shoe that is way bigger than your size. All you have to do is to cut some quantity of toilet paper and stuff it in your shoe, and you are good to go. Stuffing toilet tissue in your shoe may help reduce the rate of pain you may sustain from the shoe.

Meaning of Toilet Paper Shortage

Having said all that, we believe that toilet paper plays a very important role in the life of human beings. Humans must clean after visiting the toilet, therefore, it is not good to have a toilet paper shortage in the house or in the stores.

On the other hand, toilet paper shortage simply means a deficiency in the availability of toilet paper. This insufficiency can be caused by several factors especially when the demand for toilet paper is higher than the supply. Other factors were extensively discussed in about the cause of the toilet paper shortage in the US.

History of Toilet Paper Shortage

The shortage of toilet paper did not just start in 2020. As history may have it, there has been a shortage of toilet paper in 1973. Note that some countries did not start making toilet paper until the 1960s.

However, the toilet paper scarce of 1973 started as a joke and became an issue in 1973. A popular comedian made a joke about running short of toilet papers. The next morning, people had already bought up toilet paper in the stores with the fear of toilet paper shortage.

The great toilet paper shortage of 2020 was caused by a coronavirus. It started as a joke and became very serious. People bought all the toilet paper in stores. To the extent that some women fought because of toilet paper in a retail store. It may sound funny but it’s actually not funny.

Be that as it may, it is important to note that the toilet paper shortage of 2020 started in March in the United States. At a time, it seems everything was fine. In November 2020, the toilet paper shortage started again. People began to buy up toilet paper in stores again.

Truly, 2020 is a year will never forget easily. But the question now is, will there be another toilet paper shortage again in the United States?

Effects of Toilet Paper Shortage

Increment in the price of toilet paper

Some retail stores may add money to the price of toilet paper. This is common whenever demand is higher than supply.

Hoarding of toilet paper

It’s obvious people are already hoarding toilet paper. I saw a picture of a person that loaded his truck with toilet paper. Toilet paper he may not finish in the next six months. While others could not see toilet paper to buy, someone bought that will be enough for a whole community.

Over Production

When there is a toilet paper shortage in the country, and people are buying up the ones in stores, toilet paper producers, on the other hand, are busy making more toilet paper to meet the demand. After the whole shortage thing is over, there will be a surplus of toilet paper in stores and in factories for a long time because most people bought toilet paper they may not finish in the next six months. Meaning that for the next six months, such people will not buy toilet paper.

What to do When there is Toilet Paper Shortage in the Country

Below are some of the alternatives you can use when there is an insufficiency of toilet paper in the US or any part of the world.

  • Manage the one you have
  • If you still have some at home, do not use it as though you can easily get another one
  • After visiting the toilet, you can use another method to clean which is washing your anus area. Many people do this and they believe it’s cleaner than using toilet paper.
  • You can make use of other paper, But first of all, try to squeeze the paper so that it will be soft. You wouldn’t want to use a very hard strong paper around your anus or private part. When you are done, do not flush it to avoid blocking your toilet. You are expected to dispose of it through the trash. The best way to do that is by burning.
  • Finally, if there is a toilet paper shortage in the nation, try as much as you can to buy more before it completely goes out of stock in stores.