When You Run Out of Toilet Paper Meme & Jokes

When You Run Out of Toilet Paper Meme & Jokes
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Are you looking for when you run out of toilet paper meme & jokes? The shortage of toilet paper in the United States this year has lead to many funny memes and jokes. People now use toilet paper to make memes and jokes.

Coronavirus outbreak led to the toilet paper shortage in some parts of the US. While people hoard toilet paper in their closets, some could not buy as much as they could run out of toilet paper.

Amid the pandemic, people began to make when you run out of toilet paper meme & jokes to cheer people up.

Have you ever rushed to the toilet and after defecating just to realize that you’ve run out of toilet paper? How did you feel the day you experienced such? Seeing these toilet paper meme may help you remember that day and laugh it off.

However, in my previous article, I was able to list several things you can do when you are stuck in a toilet with no bathroom paper. You may want to check it out in case you find yourself in such a situation again.

What is Meme?

A meme is something humorous in nature. It can be a picture, video piece of text, etc., mostly shared by people on the internet and social media. The purpose of creating a meme is to make humor. A meme is expected to put a smile on your face. Meme pictures, meme videos, or images with a piece of text on it is supposed to make you smile.

Toilet Paper Meme and Jokes

As reiterated earlier, a toilet paper meme is a toilet paper picture, video, or piece of text that is supposed to either remind you of the day you run out of toilet paper in the house or make you laugh.

Below are some of the funniest toilet paper meme and jokes you can find anywhere. It comes with a picture and text written on it. Feel free to be happy and laugh as much as you want.

The picture above is one of the toilet paper meme to make your day. It has a picture of a piece of cloth wrapped as toilet paper to symbolize the running out of toilet paper. When grandma finds you you run out of toilet paper, she makes a toilet paper for you using clothing material.

I remember making a post on the toilet paper shortage of 1973. Well, it has been used to make a toilet paper meme whereby you are asked to remember to toilet paper shortage of 1973. The picture is hilarious though.

When You Run Out of Toilet Paper Meme & Jokes

What you see in that picture is a typical example of why most people run out of toilet paper. People that visit the public toilet or public bathroom are found of doing something like this.

I remember in one of my articles published on this site; I narrated how my friend used up the toilet paper in my toilet in just one visit to the restroom. It’s not as if the bathroom is dirty; it’s not as if there is anything wrong with the toilet. Yet, when I came back from school that day, I rushed to my bathroom only to find out that I’d run out of toilet paper.

Come to think of it, doing this in a public bathroom is nice. It’s for safety purposes. But the disadvantage is clear. Doing it is like wasting lots of toilet paper. A situation whereby one person used a quantity of toilet paper that would have been used by three people.

When You Run Out of Toilet Paper Meme & Jokes

The toilet paper meme above is a typical example of what is going on right now in the United States whereby people are hoarding up toilet paper they may not finish in six months while leaving others with no toilet paper to buy and use. I just wish stores in these areas where people are hoarding toilet paper would impose restrictions on the quantity of toilet paper per person.

I asked this question before, and I’m asking it again, have you ever rushed to the toilet just to realize you run out of toilet paper after pooping? Well, if you have not, I have. It has happened to me several times, but in that situation, I made use of the available toilet paper alternatives¬†and was good to go.

The meme picture above should have you laughing so hard. The meme just explained how I felt those days I run short of toilet paper. I had to start remembering when I had enough toilet paper in the bathroom, how wasteful I used them, and wished I never did so.

When You Run Out of Toilet Paper Meme & Jokes

Actually, this is one of the methods I explained in one of my articles where I explained what to do when you’re stuck in a bathroom with no toilet paper.

Cardboard toilet paper can be used in place of toilet paper. In that article, I explained that if the paper is too strong for you, you can wet it a little before using it.

How can coronavirus be found in toilet paper? I do not know the authenticity of this report but this is really funny. The meme explains the spreading ability of coronavirus. It spreads like wildfire and affects anyone it touches. I hope the coronavirus vaccine is found soon so that people’s lives will be saved.

‘When you run out of toilet paper but your catwalks by’ This is funny but I don’t understand. What will you do with your cat? Are you going to turn your cat into toilet paper and clean with it?

‘When you run out of toilet paper and your dog walks by; at least it’s not your hand’ Again I ask, how will you use your dog to clean? I’m still not understanding what you will do with the dog. Will you have your dog lick and clean you up?

Being prepared in case of emergency is very nice but this is one of the causes of the shortage of toilet paper going on in the United States right now. How can one person store such toilet paper? For the next 3 months, this person is not buying toilet paper again.

I hope you enjoyed all the when you run out of toilet paper meme & jokes on our site?