Will there be Another Toilet Paper Shortage Again?

Will there be Another Toilet Paper Shortage Again?
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Toilet paper shortage has become a hot cake in the US and some other parts of the world where coronavirus hits the most. In our last article, we gave an extensive view of the main cause of toilet paper shortage experienced in the United States and other parts of the world.

In that post, we pointed out that Coronavirus is the main cause of toilet paper shortage, we equally said it was coronavirus that led to other cause of toilet paper shortage. Had it been that there is no corona, there wouldn’t have been any toilet paper shortage in the United States.

However, the question now is, will there be another toilet paper shortage again in November 2020 and December 2020? Are we likely to experience a shortage of toilet paper again? Many have feared that there may be another shortage in the availability of toilet paper because of another surge of coronavirus in some parts of the US.

While coronavirus is no more in some countries of the world, it is still killing and affecting people in other parts of the world; especially in the US. The rate at which coronavirus spreads in New Jersey is nothing to write home about. To the extent that New Jersey imposed another curfew. As of the date this article was published, there is still a curfew in New York and New Jersey which starts from 10 pm till the next morning.

If coronavirus is still spreading, that means there is a probability of many countries observing lockdown and curfew. You and I know what goes alongside lockdown. People will definitely buy lots of household goods and store them in their house. People may also buy lots of toilet paper to avoid being stranded in case there is another shortage of it.

On November 17, 2020, CNN reported that people are already buying up toilet paper again in some parts of the US that are still experiencing coronavirus. According to CNN, an official at Walmart reported that people are already buying up toilet paper.

They equally stated that supplies of toilet paper have not been too impressed with the rising demand of toilet paper making it hard to stock back toilet papers in Walmart stores in some locations where there is a fresh spike of coronavirus.

Nevertheless, many people think that there will be no toilet paper shortage again in the US and other parts of the world simply because the first shortage that started in March must have taught toilet paper manufacturers a very big lesson. The country will try as much as they can never to experience such a shortage again.

One thing you should know is that if COVID 19 case rises again, we will experience other business restrictions. As reiterated earlier, the rise of COVID in the United States has caused people to worry that they may experience the type of toilet paper shortage they experienced before.

A friend of mine told me that he ran out of toilet paper and had to borrow some toilet paper from his co-worker who bought a lot before the lockdown officially began in the US. This, my friend, vowed never to allow such happen to him again, that if COVID-19 cases rise again, he is definitely storing a large number of toilet papers at home.

The two questions he asked me that really got me thinking was; do you know the pain of not having something to clean your anus after visiting the toilet? Do you know how it feels to worry about running out of toilet papers or not having one at all? This may sound funny but it’s not funny at all.

Many people are not used to washing their anus and its surroundings after defecating. Aside from that, there are other uses of toilet paper in the house. We only defecate once a day but what about women? It’s true that some make use of wipers etc. That does not mean they do not use toilet papers to wipe or clean.  In a house full of children, how do you expect the family to cope without toilet paper?

Nonetheless, the best way to curtail the shortage of toilet paper is if stores impose restrictions on the number of toilet paper and toilet cleaners one buys at any intervals. Some stores in the US have already imposed such restrictions, enabling a buyer to only buy two toilet paper or cleaner at a certain time. This is to curtail the hoarding of toilet paper by many.

Do you think this restriction is a good idea? As COVID is rising again in the US, states are imposing curfew and lockdown. That means everyone is definitely going to be at home, including the children. Imagine a household where there are lots of children, how do you expect such a household to cope with just two toilet paper.


In conclusion, the only solution to the shortage of toilet paper is an increase in supply by toilet paper producers. Companies making toilet paper should always make sure they produce and supply toilet papers to stores to avoid running out of it especially in this difficult time. Imagine Walmart, the largest retail store in the US complaining of the slow supply of toilet paper.